Arulmigu Porkodiamman Temple Hosts ‘Yeri Thiruvizha’

Arulmigu Porkodiamman Temple Hosts 'Yeri Thiruvizha'

Arulmigu Porkodiamman Temple, located by the lake in the village of Velankadu in the Vellore district, hosts the annual Pushparatha Lake Festival, also known as the ‘Yeri Thiruvizha’, on the last Wednesday of the month of Chittirai, every year. Indigenous people from various parts of Tamil Nadu and other states, including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, start arriving to partake in this religious extravaganza.

The Villagers of Vallandaramam, Annachipalayam, Velankadu and Panangadu have been organizing this festival for hundreds of years to ensure that all the farmers and their livestock are free from disease and nature’s wrath. Every year Porkodiamman Temple Lake Festival is held with much fanfare. Thousands of people from the surrounding area come in cow carts and tractors wrapped in green grass and gather as a family to worship the Golden Flag.


Thousands of devotees arrive at the lake at 11 AM carrying the flower; as Pushparatham (chariot) is usually scheduled to arrive at 11 AM every year. Once it arrives, devotees sprinkle salt and pepper on the chariot, while Pushparatham hovers till 5 PM. Devotees then offer toys, sacrifice goats and chickens on the lake, and cook food and offer it to the public. The goddess is then placed on a decorated pulpit and the chariot is brought to the sound of accordions and worshipped at the lake.

Velankadu Lake, where the festival is held, is dry all throughout the year, but during the occasion, it is usually flooded with devotees. Most of the devotees come to the temple with their cattle and worship. About one lakh people from Vellore, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Chittoor, Bangalore, Chennai and Thiruvannamalai attend the function and pay their dues every year.

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