An Interesting Activity To Try In 2020

An Interesting Activity To Try In 2020

Have you ever been to a place of serene beauty and enchanting views? A place full of peace makes it a mysterious place. We want to name the place we are talking about. It is the third most beautiful country in the world, none other than New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its spectacular tourist location, adventure sports activities and full-fledged locals. In fact, it is one of the most beloved countries on the planet. This place is a center of attraction as it has perfect climatic conditions for many adventure aerial sports. By getting an unforgettable experience Hang gliding in new zealand Can make your holiday worth it. Since hang-gliding is one of such adventure aerial sports that is widely practiced by many adrenaline seekers.

New Zealand is known for its lush green slopes, mighty mountains, astonishing places with stunning views. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations as a sovereign island located on the southwestern shores of the Pacific Ocean. Due to some of the beauty of the heavenly backdrop in New Zealand, the place has transformed into the beauty of the earth. You can enrich your experience through the adrenaline rush by performing a hang-gliding adventure game here. As this country deserves as the “adventure capital of the world”, this place can thrill your vacation by many adventurous aerial activities.

3 Best Places to Hang Gliding in New Zealand

Hang gliding is not a new air sport in New Zealand, it has already been demonstrated by many enthusiastic tourists for a long time. Even the concept of airplanes is derived from gliders. When most of the tourists there fall in love with the natural beauty, we would suggest you to explore some adventure sports like sports. Hang-gliding is an adventure game in which you have to fly the light, a non-mechanized foot-operated airplane that is heavier than air, called a glider for hanging. These hang gliders are made of an aluminum combination or composite edge protected with fabric of sail to engineer a combination. Airframe damage is tied into the pilot’s body and the pilot controls the airplane by moving the bodyweight against the contours of the contours.

1. Queenstown
2. Coronet Peak
3. Auckland

1. Queenstown

Hang Gliding

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We have all imagined flying like a bird once in our lifetime. You can make this fantasy come true by hang-gliding in Queenstown. The first feeling of flying like a bird will come true when you once get a push from the professionals and you will feel like that sometimes fly along with floating in the air. Hanging-gliding in the air you can achieve a height of adventurous spirit with the release of adrenaline in our body. The feeling of falling down a slant as a gust of wind on your face, your body getting lighter and lighter with each stride until your feet can again contact the ground and you understand that you have taken off. , Is degrading.

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2. Coronet Peak

Hang gliding view

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Want to change the dull life in New Zealand? Be a part of Hawaii sports where you can see the real beauty at a height where fewer people arrive. We would suggest you a flight of hang-gliding at Coronet Peak. You can take it from the sky above, experience the thrilling feeling of seeing the mighty mountain from above in the air. Witness the unprecedented beauty of New Zealand with this stunning action at the Hawaii Games. Choose Coronet Peak Tandems for your Queenstown Paragliding and additionally hang gliding experience. Take the Adrenaline Siphoning Thrill Ride or a delicate scenic trip to Queenstown with the help of this company

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3. Auckland

Hang gliding in auckland

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With some stunning locations in Auckland, you can increase the value of your trip and if you try hang gliding in New Zealand it will add stars to it. Gorgeous views of the city, iconic sky tower and views of Viaduct Harbor in New Zealand and many other sections make it worth it! While hang gliding in New Zealand, thrill-seekers can swing or swoop in the air, approaching speeds up to 80 km / h. If you are concerned about security, then be assured, this will be the first priority!

place: 26 Beresford Street, Bayswater, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Time: 9 AM – 6 PM
Pricing: NZD $ 150.00 – $ 210.00

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So, are you sure? Is your adrenaline already fast? Well, if yes, do hang gliding in New Zealand. We hope you enjoy this aerial sport the best and you will have the time of your life! So, don’t wait any longer and plan your trip to New Zealand and go!

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Frequently asked questions about hang gliding in New Zealand

Q. What is the duration of the flight?

a. The answer to this question depends only on the services of the company you are choosing for hang-gliding. Along with services, climate conditions also matter a lot.

Q. What about the expense of hang-gliding?

a. The average cost of hang gliding in New Zealand can be between $ 200 to $ 350. Well, it can vary according to the fee charged by the company concerned.

Q. Is hang-gliding dangerous?

a. Hang-gliding is also another air-sport activity. This sports activity requires courage but yes it is completely adventurous. However, the risk of any activity can be removed if it is done under the guidance of professionals.

Q. Which company is best for hang-gliding?

a. The answer to this question can be well answered by individuals doing hang-gliding from any company. From the review, you will be able to decide which company is the best. You should see reviews on the web about the same.

Q. Is there any weight limit for hang-gliding?

a. No, there is no weight limit for hang-gliding. There is no weight limit for paragliding joints, as long as we have enough air. The company can accept passengers up to 350 pounds. Generally, passengers are limited to 175 lbs (80 kg, 12 stones) or less.

Q. What is the minimum age for hang-gliding?

a. The minimum age for hang-gliding must be over 16 years. Although, persons below 16 years of age can also avail this opportunity, but they should come under the concern of parents.

Q. What is the difference between paragliding and hang-gliding?

a. The basic difference between paragliding and hang-gliding lies in the shape of the glider. The structure of the hang-glider is rigid while the paraglider only has a harness and fabric.

Q. How should I proceed with booking?

a. You can make a booking through online or offline mode. There is a website of every company where you book your seat. Otherwise, you can contact the person directly.

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