9 Amazing Place to Revel in the Beauty of Sunset

9 Amazing Place to Revel in the Beauty of Sunset

Amazing Place to Revel: The best thing about sunset is that you’re never going to see two that are completely alike. Start visiting as many sunsets as possible in different places around the world. Watching the daylight turn to dusk from the red rocks of the desert is amazing. Take in the cotton candy skies from Santorin or stand on a rocky outcropping as the sun illuminates a centuries old temple. Sunsets are pure and pristine and have a magnetic charm that has always attracted the human beings.

Amazing Place to Revel
Amazing Place to Revel

These are a few amazing places on our earth renowned for offering the best views of the setting sun.

Venice Italy:

A Venetian sunset is not to be missed and is better to see one near the river. Rlato Bridge is the perfect area to watch the colours from the sky reflecting onto the water. And once the colours go from bright orange to dark orange and finally grey the light on the canal and bridge it will be a sight you won’t forget.

Paris France:

Head to the city of love to experience a beautiful sunset over the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River in a romantic setting. Find a nice spot on the bridge overlooking the river and watch the water glowing as the sun sets. Witness the sky changing colours from blue to yellow to orange and finally purple.

Mount Abu Rajasthan:

As the sun sets behind an enchanting stretch of one of the most captivating pieces of landscape in India, the sky paints a picturesque view of a beautiful ending. The sun bidding goodbye at Mount Abu is one of the most of the surreal sights you will witness in life.

Leh Ladakh:

The untouched beauty of nature in Leh ladakh is a picture perfect. The sunrise and sunsets in the valley are astonishing.

Taj Mahal Agra:

As the sun settles down in the backdrop of this magnificent monument the person watching it is zapped for a moment.  Every detail from the sky to birds returning to their nest paints a memorable picture of the marble structure.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle has some of the best view of the quaint city making it an incredible place to watch the sun set. Visit the top of Prague castle just before the sun sets and you’ll get to see a super blue sky against the golden castle turning to pink and purple as the moon starts to rise. It’s a great place when the city lights come on giving a beautiful panorama of the nightly Prague.

Bagan Myanmar:

If you are looking to snap a few dramatic sunset photos, head to Bagan Myanmar’s Valley of Temples. Each night as the sun sets, it lights up the outlines of more than 2000 ancient temples, pagodas and monasteries. There are locations throughout Bagan to capture stunning sunset vistas and snap photos of the sacred Buddhist and Hindu temple at dusk. If you want to have a better view book a hot air balloon that will ride over the valley.

Big Island Hawaii

Big island Hawaii is a perfect place for gorgeous sunsets. Visit Kailua Kona Bay to watch the sun drop into the ocean against a backdrop of dark volcanic rocks.  Spend the entire day in the turquoise waters and resting on the white sands of Hapuna beach state recreation area. During a sunset picnic watch the sun’s rays turn the sky and water into an orange and pink light show.

Ayers Rocks

Ayers Rocks is one of the best places to learn and watch the sun’s stunning effect on the surrounding landscapes. The icon of Australia-Mount Uluru keeps on changing its colour with sunlight. Watch the landscape with stunning shades of bright colour during sunset, including the single monolith mountain which glistens in red colour.

Though sunset’s is a daily phenomenon their magnificence can be best admired at certain blessed destinations on our planet.

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