Amazing Indian Bars to Get High (And Pay Low)

When it comes to drinking outside, it almost always comes with ‘conditions applied’. The condition being a huge dent on your credit card which adds another dimension to the hangover. And while house parties are great, getting high on a deadly mix of cocktails and music with your friends in a cool pub is an experience that you can’t replace. So if you want to get high but don’t want to pay the price for it, visit one of these happening joints for a rocking time. Rest assured, the bill won’t be the thing that would give you a headache the next day.

1. Pecos, Bangalore

Find yourself in a classic rock ambience at Pecos Bangalore

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Despite its modest facade, it is quite difficult to get a table at the utterly famous Pecos. Once in, you will find yourself in a classic rock ambiance which is hard to leave. Chomp on the masala peanuts and down pitchers of beer, which come for under Rs 250 and soon the world outside would slip away into a dark haze. One of most visited beer bars in Bangalore, Pecos has an amazing music selection which adds greatly to the drinking experience.

2. My Bar, Delhi

My Bar Delhi - popular for a budget drink

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One of the most famous joints in Delhi if you are looking for a budget drink. Popular with college goers and backpackers, you are sure to have a great time buzzing on your whiskey here. With pegs starting from Rs 42 and a good variety of both beer and hard liquor, an evening here is a steal.

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3. Toto’s Garage, Mumbai

Toto’s Garage Mumbai - DJ playing terrific retro music in a Maruti van

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Almost 20 years old, this place is so popular with the Mumbai crowd that they will refuse service to a group of 8 or more. With body of a VW Beetle suspended above the bar and a DJ playing terrific retro music in a Maruti van you are set for an interesting time. Pints start at Rs 160 and the bar has a good selection of hard liquor and beer that makes for a deadly concoction for a great night.

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4. Jimi’s Beer Cafe, Bangalore

Jimi’s Beer Cafe Bangalore

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Framed posters, Hendrix artwork and old memorabilia, in Jimi’s you would be transported to another time. The same goes with the prices. With only Rs 275 for a pitcher and Rs 550 for the three-litre tower, this is the place to go if you want to get drunk humming to a great rock ’n’ roll beats. If you are brave or drunk enough, go for Death Wish, a concoction of chilli and beer.

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5. Thugs, Delhi

Thugs Delhi - serves a good range of hard liquors, wines and cocktails

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Thugs offers the charm of an old-school pub, in a rundown hotel and cheap, cheap booze. Posters of Bollywood’s baddies adorn the walls of this pub, adding a villainous ambience to your drinking escapade. The drinks are named on famous dialogues of villains and the bar serves a good range of hard liquors, wines and cocktails.

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6. WTF!, Mumbai

WTF! Mumbai - Plastered with posters of Rajinikanth and Bob Marley

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Plastered with posters of Rajinikanth and Bob Marley, WTF! is a favoured watering hole for everyone from students to media folks. If in the city and looking for a place to drink, this is definitely the joint to hit. Walk into for a boozy concoction of great food, local beer and mandarin mojitos.

7. Knight Rider, Delhi

Knight Rider Delhi - Colourful, flashy and bit loud in its ambience

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Colourful, flashy and bit loud in its ambience, this bar nonetheless is a haven for those who love their liquor. With pegs starting at only Rs 40, and a plethora of imported and domestic brands you are not going to be disappointed in your quest to get high!

So where do you go when you want to get high? Write back with your favoured watering holes in your city for a rocking time with friends.

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