Most beautiful Majestic snow capped peaks, Albania

Most beautiful Majestic snow capped peaks, Albania

Majestic snow capped peaks though having natural beauty in such abundance. It still took 20 years for the country to take off as a tourist destination. Albania offers a remarkable array of unique attractions. The nature in Albania depends on mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Here are some awesome things to do and see in Albania:
Majestic snow capped peaks
Majestic snow capped peaks

Northern Albania is a hiker’s paradise and the hike from Theth to Valbona through the mountains is legendary for its beauty. Albania Alps is an incredible spot for some challenging but rewarding hike. The hike from Theth to Valbona takes 6-8 hrs and has some of the most gorgeous scenery.

It’s not just affordable but it is also cheap:

Budget backpacking anywhere in Balkans with the exception of Croatia is inexpensive compared to Western Europe. But Albania is leaps and bounds cheaper in transit and food costs.

Visiting Rozafa Castle in Shkoder

Visiting Rozafa Castle in Shkoder is definitely worth visiting for a day or two. The castle is the highlight of the city and a top attraction in Albania with stunning views and amazing history. It’s the place to be if you are in that area.

Albania also has the best beaches in all of Europe.

The stony beaches make the water gorgeous, crystal-clear turquoise, which feels like your real life has been photshopped. Ksamil Albania as well as the beaches of Himara and Dhermi is outstanding. You will have plenty of space to yourself when you go to the beach in Albania. There are also tons of hidden beaches. Himara is an excellent hub situates close to Albanian beach in the Riviera.

Albania Riviera

The Albania Riviera is perhaps the most popular place in the country for tourist to visit. The Riviera has a growing reputation as an important music location with many international music festivals including Turtle Fest and sound wave Albania having taken place.

The city of a thousand windows

Beret is in the Middle of Albania and it is believed to be one of the country’s oldest towns. Beret is often known by its nickname- the city of a thousand windows due to its mix of Ottoman and Albania architecture. The church of St. Mary of Blachernae is a must sightseeing for anyone visiting Beret situated in the Mangalem quarter.

While tourism in Albania is just the beginning, travelling Albania is just as safe as going pretty much anywhere else in Europe. Petty crime is quite less in Albania than in Madrid, Barcelona, Rome or Paris. The violent crime is extremely rare.

Relax in the Benja Hot springs:

Hidden in the South of Albania there is the small town of Permet a favourite destination in the country for Albanians. Benja Hot Springs is located in dramatic scenery near an ancient stone bridge. There are thermal pools formed by stones. The water is said to cure everything from cold to arthritis.

Local dishes are delightful.

Traditional Albanian food tave Kosi (baked lamb with yogurt) and (stuffed eggplant) are unique and delicious. It is always cooked with local ingredients and fresh produce. Albania gastronomy is amazing. The best dish you can try in the country is to taste byrek. It is a pastry filled with meat, spinach or cheese available all through the Balkan Peninsula. Byrek is easy to find, delicious and cheap.

Drink a beer in a Rotating Bar in Tirana whilst rotating a full 360 degree to see the views of Tirana from all angles. The sky tower bar is open all day. Sunset is really beautiful from the sky tower. The main sight in Tirana is Mount Dajti. You can get there by hiking or via cable car. The top presents a fantastic view of Tirana.

Night clubs such as Folie Marine in Jale beach and Havana beach club near Dhermi attract young people from across Europe to the Albania Riviera.

So if you are wondering what to do in Albania we have got you covered.

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