10 Best Alaska Wedding Venues For A Charming Fresh Start

Alaska is a great place to get married. You can spend your day with nature, your friends and family and a beautiful setting. Whether you intend an intimate wedding surrounded by family or a glamorous upscale affair, there are more than enough Alaska wedding venues to choose from. We have shortlisted 10 of them.

Top 10 Alaska Wedding Venues

With your dream wedding in mind, you will find the ideal wedding venues in Alaska without any problems. Take a look at these 10 wedding venues:

1. Pearson Pond Luxury Inn & Adventure Spa

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They can take care of the wedding ceremony, flowers, transportation, videography and everything else. They excel in personal and intimate marriages. Pearson’s Pond can also take care of your honeymoon, taking you on excursions around the area and glacier tours, sightseeing and more. There are a variety of wedding options available and you will always get a personalized experience on your big day.

Place: 4541 Sava Cir, Ste 1, Juneau, AK

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2. Raven Glacier Lodge

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Raven Glacier Lodge offers a delightful setting for your wedding ceremony, no matter the time of year. They also serve delicious fresh food on site, which gets great reviews. The setting means you’re surrounded by nature, ideal for taking incredible photos on your big day and touring your visitors at the ceremony. The lodge offers excellent layout. You can use the open space of the building as a backdrop, set up the reception inside or incorporate both to get the best experience. The courtyard also serves as a dancefloor.

Place: 651 Crow Creek Road, Girdwood, AK

3. Alaska Heavenly Lodge

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The wedding venue always has tables, chairs and linens as well as parking. You are welcome to use the entire kitchen or let your restaurant owner take over. The venue has a lobby for 100 guests. The wedding deal also includes overnight accommodation for 25 guests. This means that the entire property is completely private for your party. Includes free parking, an outdoor fireplace, BBQ grills and a private honeymoon room.

Place: 34950 Blakely Road, PO Box 634, Cooper Landing, AK

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4. Alaska Native Heritage Center

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The Alaska Native Heritage Center provides a harmonious and picturesque backdrop for all your wedding photos and family event. You can have your reception indoors to make use of the eye-catching height windows or opt for an outdoor area with excellent lake views. No matter what time of year it is, the place is beautiful and in summer you will hear birds singing and leaves swaying while you admire the vegetation. In winter the lake is covered with snow and ice. In addition to a staged photo opportunity, the Alaska Native Heritage Center offers your guests a cultural educational experience.

Place: 8800 Heritage Center Drive, Anchorage, AK

5. Alpenglow Lodge

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Alpenglow Lodge is part of the Anchorage Ski Club and offers a memorable wedding with stunning views. The lodge alone has two floors and several large windows with a spectacular view of the anchorage. You can also make good use of the large lawn area for an open-air celebration. For those who want to see the gorgeous Chugach region, you can also rent permits for the chairlift. Buffet-style kitchens have a front counter that is large enough to hold your food. It has space for up to 500 guests so you can plan a wedding as big or small as you want.

Place: PO Box 200546, Anchorage, AK

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6. Alyeska Resort

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In addition to comfortable accommodations, the Alyeska Resort offers a picturesque wedding environment with sweeping views of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska. The sales manager coordinates everything for you and you and your guests stay in one of the resort’s 304 guest rooms. Don’t worry that they won’t find things to do during their free time, as there are several outdoor endeavors and a spa resort on site. Consider a luxurious spa program until you say “I do.”

Place: 1000 Arlberg Ave, Girdwood, AK

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7. Anchorage Marriott Downtown

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With four event rooms, seven breakout rooms and a total of 14,729 square feet of event space, there is no shortage of options for your wedding at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown. Flexible seating provisions are available and your guests are welcome to stay at the hotel. They can also get a voucher when you book your block. The venue also has Marriott certified wedding planners on site to help you organize any type of wedding.

Place: 820 West 7th Avenue, Anchorage, AK

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8. Birch Leaf Chapel

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The Chapel of the Birch Leaf is the ideal aesthetic setting for your wedding. It is located on top of dunes abandoned by gold miners years ago. Every detail is dazzling, allowing your guests to admire many things during your event. Stained glass windows serve best as an attractive backdrop for your pictures, and if you prepare properly, the colors highlighted on the ceiling will mimic the northern lights. You can accommodate up to 30 people in this wedding venue and make it enjoyable.

Place: 3626 Old Nenana Highway, Astor, AK

9. Crow Creek Historic Gold Mine

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Crow Creek Historic Gold Mine takes pride in offering happy couples a luxurious facility that is very well regulated and the staff develops a strong relationship with you on your big day. The staff can assist you in coordinating your wedding at a reasonable cost. With plenty of open-air spaces and tents, it’s a remarkable backdrop for a wedding ceremony your guests won’t forget. The mine was established in 1896 and became one of the foremost hydraulic gold mining operations in the state. Take your photo near historic buildings or alpine landscapes or on a walking trail.

Place: 601 Crow Creek Road, Girdwood, AK

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10. Calypso Farm and Ecology Center

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The Farm and Ecology Center at Calypso sponsors outdoor weddings for a fun venue with protection from the rain. It has space for about 90 people and if you wish, they can supply your food in the form of fresh produce from the farm. Your guests can move between two levels, including a tent with a large window on the top veranda and a 30-foot yurt with a stove and wooden floors on the lower terrace. If you choose to rent this space for your wedding ceremony, you will be supporting the center’s training programs, which all proceeds benefit from.

Place: 4780 Old Nenana Highway, Fairbanks, AK

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If you want to really surprise your guests, consider getting married at one of these breathtaking and picturesque Alaska wedding venues! From glacier-high weddings to homey, woodsy celebrations, Alaska has it all. There are so many places to visit around Alaska and we’ve only mentioned a few here, so be sure to check them out during your trip to Alaska.

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