10 Captivating Airports In Nepal That Are Catering To Tourists From All Over The World

Nepal, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a country in South Asia and is popular because of its location in the Himalayas. Due to its culture and natural beauty and the fact that Mount Everest is located in Nepal, it attracts a large number of tourists every day. fully working airports in nepal This is also one of the reasons for the flourishing of tourism in the country.

It also contains parts of India’s Gangetic plain, making Nepal one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Faced with massive destruction from the twin earthquakes and fuel embargo imposed in 2015, the country is recovering rapidly and is coming back to full strength. The talent here is such that even so much mass destruction could not stop it from becoming beautiful again.

Nepal has always been a favorite holiday destination among travelers due to its pocket-friendly budget and access to its best world-renowned trekking routes. Although the wildlife of this place is underrated but truly worth a visit. Whether you visit the cool and stunning Himalayas or explore the major attractions of the place, there is one thing in common that you will find spread everywhere equally – the warm and friendly welcome from the communities.

10 major airports in Nepal

To give you various details of both domestic and international airports in nepal, We have created a list of the most commonly used things to help you plan your vacation accordingly. have a look.

1. Lukla Airport

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Lukla, a small town situated at an altitude of 2860 meters in northeastern Nepal, is a popular arrival point for travelers traveling to the Himalayas which is located near Mount Everest. Lukla, the name means a place with many goats and sheep, which is the opposite of its literal meaning. This place has a lot to offer the tourists with western style food and other necessities. There is also a small airport at this location which serves as Tenzing-Hillary Airport. This airport of Nepal is commonly known as Lukla Airport.

Lukla Airport is frequently used as it is where most trips to Everest originate from. If the weather is good, regular flights can be found between Lukla and Kathmandu. However, flights at Lukla are often delayed due to rain, strong winds, cloud cover and changing visibility and sometimes even closure of the airport during severe weather conditions. The airport is located within a chain-link fence and is patrolled by Nepalese armed or civilian police.

IATA code: lua
World area code: 755

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2. Tribhuvan International Airport

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Tribhuvan International Airport is the only international airport located in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. To be more precise, the airport is in the Kathmandu Valley, located about 5 kilometers away from the Kathmandu city centre. It is considered the gateway to the Nepalese Himalayas and home to seven World Heritage Sites. Kathmandu has always been rich in terms of tourism. The capital city has been the center of Nepal’s history, art, culture and economy for many years. Thus, there is no reason why it is the most favorite place among travelers.

Inaugurated by King Mahendra of Nepal in the year 1955, the airport got its present name in the year 1964. Originally the airport was known as Gauchar Airport and then it was renamed Tribhuvan International Airport a few years later in memory of King Mahendra. Father. The airport has a single domestic and international terminal. Moreover, through this airport currently, there are 30 airlines that connect Nepal with various destinations in both Asia and the Middle East. Although it is currently the only international airport, there are several projects underway to build some new international airports. airports in nepal Like Pokhara International Airport and Gautam Buddha Airport.

IATA code: ktm
World area code: 755

3. Pokhara Airport

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Pokhara Airport serving Polkara region of Nepal is another prestigious airport of Nepal. Pokhara is the second largest city after Kathmandu. Due to its close proximity to the Annapurna Range, the town is a favorite among trekkers and because of this, it has become the tourist capital of Nepal. The work is being done by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Nepal Airport It also offers regular connections to Kathmandu and Jomsom and some seasonal flights to Manang.

in the middle of the top airports in nepal, Pokhara Airport is relatively small and can handle only 8 propeller aircraft at a time, but it serves as a large diversion airport to Nepal’s main airport in Kathmandu during times of fog or bad weather. New plans are under construction according to which Pokhara Airport will soon have a functioning international terminal in Nepal, thereby reducing traffic at Tribhuvan International Airport. If you are planning to stay near the airport, you can consider Hotel Norling, Hikers Inn Lukla, Lukla Numbur Hotel and other hotels. Furthermore, major attractions of Pokhara such as Phewa Lake, Davis Falls, Old Bazaar and Jangchub Choeling Gompa are located near the airport.

IATA code: PKR
World area code: 755

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4. Simara Airport

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The nearest airport is about 18 kilometers from Birgunj which is the fifth largest city of Nepal and a trade route between India and Nepal, Simara Airport was built in 1958 and is now operated by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Being the gateway from Patna and Calcutta, Birgun has a major economic contribution to Nepal. It was established recently in the year 2017 and hence it is also considered as the youngest sub-metropolitan city in the country.

IATA code: sif
World area code: 755

5. Bharatpur Airport

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Bharatpur Airport was built in 1958 and the first passenger flight landed at the airport on 5 March 1965. The airport is located a few kilometers south-west of Bharatpur city centre. Bharatpur Airport is ranked as the fourth busiest airport in the country and all major domestic airlines of Nepal operate from here. Built with the assistance of the United States, today this airport has become one of the airports with the best connectivity in the country. Although not large in size, the airport complex has one departure, one handling terminal and one arrival terminal shed as well as a few shops available around the airport. The airport is efficient enough to handle tough aircraft like 3 ATR-42, 2 Jetstream J-41 and one Beech 1900 or any other STOL aircraft.

Built at an altitude of about 650 feet above sea level, this airport has only one runway. Initially, the airport served only domestic flights on a grass runway, but after several years, limited expansion of the airport was carried out after sustained pressure and lobbying from local people and expatriates living abroad. Thus, a new terminal was built and the runway was paved so that it could handle medium-sized aircraft used by Nepal Airlines and other similar airlines. All this construction work was finished by the year 2005.

IATA code: BHR
World area code: 755

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6. Biratnagar Airport

one of the best airports in nepal, Biratnagar Airport is a domestic airport of Nepal serving the city of Biratnagar. Biratnagar is the third largest metropolis of the country. Operated by the Government of Nepal, the airport began operations on 6 July 1958. The airport has one runway and is approved to become the largest international airport in the country.

IATA code: One
World area code: 755

7. Gautam Buddha Airport

Also called Bhairahawa Airport, Gautam Buddha Airport serves Siddharthnagar in Nepal. The airport is being upgraded as per international standards and is proposed to commence operations by 2020. Soon, once the international operations of the airport begin, people from other countries will also be able to land here. After this it will become the second international airport of Nepal.

IATA code: BWA
ICAO Code: vnbw
World area code: 755

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8. Nepalgunj Airport

Operating since 1961, Nepalgunj Airport serves Nepalgunj, a sub-metropolitan city of Nepal. There are plans to convert it into an international airport in the future. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has proposed for it and in future, other facilities like immigration, customs and quarantine can also be added to make it function as an international airport.

IATA code: Keep
World area code: 755

9. Bajhang Airport

This airport is located in Jaya Prithvi Municipality and serves the Nepalese district of Bajhang. Operations have been closed for the time being. The airport is situated at an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level. Apart from this, the airport also has one runway which is 2,146 feet in length.

IATA code: BJH
World area code: 755

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10. Bajura Airport

With a single runway, Bajura Airport serves Bajura district of Nepal. It is a domestic public airport and the airlines that serve this airport are Nepal Airlines, Sita Air, Summit Air and Tara Air.

IATA code: BJU
World area code: 755

With so many beautiful places to visit in Nepal, saving time and planning a proper itinerary becomes even more logical. Now that you know most of the major international and domestic airports in the country, we hope we have helped you a little in this difficult task of planning a trip to Nepal. Don’t forget to share with us how this article helped you!

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FAQs about airports in Nepal

Which airport is the nearest to Mount Everest?

Tenzing Hillary Airport is the nearest airport to Mount Everest.

What is another name for Kathmandu Airport?

Kathmandu Airport is also known as Tribhuvan International Airport.

How many airports are there in Nepal?

There are total 43 airports in Nepal. Some of the most famous are Lukla Airport, Tribhuvan International Airport, Pokhara Airport, Simara Airport, Bharatpur Airport, Biratnagar Airport, Gautam Buddha Airport and Nepalgunj Airport.

What are some of the best hotels near Lukla Airport?

Some of the best lodges that you can find near Lukla Airport include Panorama Lodge & Restaurant, Hotel Sherwi Khangba, Hotel Norling, Hikers Inn Lukla, Lukla Numbur Hotel, Yeti Mountain Home, Phakding, Hilltop Lodge & Restaurant.

What are the best attractions in Pokhara?

If you want to see the best of Pokhara, you must visit Phewa Tal, International Mountain Museum, Sarangkot, Begnas Lake, Poon Hill, Shanti Mandir, Gupteshwar Cave, Devi Falls, caves and other attractions.

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