Try These Adventure Sports In Bangalore In 2023 And Experience How Being Detached Feels

If the mere mention of adventure is enough to get you excited and if you’re really sporty, then you should definitely try Adventure Sports in Bangalore For some chill and fun in your upcoming holidays, or you can arrange a trip with your friends or family to visit these places. Bangalore is known for its nightlife and the touch of beauty it places everywhere. You must try adventure sports in Bengaluru Karnataka for a break and to get away from your boring life for some time.

11 Best Adventure Sports in Bangalore

If you are wondering what these are Top Adventure Sports in Bangalore, just take a look at this list. There is a possibility that the fees may be higher in peak season and lower in adverse season. Make sure you try all the below mentioned outdoor adventure sports in Bangalore.

1. Quad Biking

If you are into an adventurous trip, then quad biking is one of the new experiences for you in Bangalore. This is one of the most exciting and if you are a bike lover then you must try this adventure. They also use modern dirt bikes. If you are a good rider then you can choose a powerful bike ranging from 200 cc to 700 cc. This adventure spot is located in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.

right moment: This is one of the best adventure sports in Bangalore. It can be tried throughout the year.
entrance fees: The cost of the ride starts from around Rs 1200 per person.
Tips: wear proper safety gear

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2. Paintball

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If you’re a real paintball expert, good news. You can play paintball, one of the best adventure sports in Bangalore. No one can forget playing paintball and it is one of the best times anyone can have. It is located in Kanakapura Road. And if you are the right dedicated person for paintball, then you must come here and help your team win.

right moment: When you can visit here throughout the year. People mainly come here in winter and summer for a day trip. You can plan your weekend as per your convenience.
entrance fees: To play paintball, the estimated price starts from Rs 350.
Tips: Know all the rules and play according to them so that you and your partner do not get hurt

3. Hot air balloon

We have seen air balloons in movies. Where people are having the most wonderful time seeing beautiful places. It is worth the experience, and one can click amazing pictures of the mountains and hills. This is the best place for adventure sports in Bangalore which no one should miss. A must visit here with friends and family including children. It is situated in Yelahanka Post.

right moment: The best time to visit here is summer and winter. Where one can easily witness the sunset and spectacular views, you can even plan a trip in winters where you can enjoy the cool breeze and the hills of Bangalore.
entrance fees: This is approximately Rs 2000. There are different prices for weekdays and weekends.
Tips: Dress according to the weather and your comfort level

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4. Parasailing

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Who doesn’t like to fly in the sky? And acting like a bird for a few minutes can make a day. Now when can you easily do parasailing in Bengaluru? This is one of the top best adventure sports in Bangalore that everyone should try. Parasailing is done around 300 feet above the ground, and one can easily enjoy the breathtaking views of Bangalore. Parasailing is one of the most spectacular adventures, and must be tried once in a lifetime. It is situated in Yelahanka Post. This is one of the best adventure sports in Bangalore.

right moment: Be it summer or winter, everyone should do parasailing. As this is one of the best times for sports activities and one can easily enjoy the spectacular view of Bangalore.
entrance fees: For parasailing; Prices start from Rs 600 per person.
Tips: Know everything about devices

5. Soap Football

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Do you like trying new adventures? Then you must try one of the unique and best adventure sports in Bengaluru. This is known as soap football. If you like playing football then you should definitely try a new way of playing it. Now anyone can easily play football on a soapy field. There are safety regulations in place, and it is made of soft polyester material that is completely safe to play with. It is located near SPT track and sports ground. 6 to 12 people can be taken for Soap Football.

right moment: One can come here throughout the year.
entrance fees: Prices for Soap Football are INR 1200 on weekdays, and INR 2200 on weekends.
Tips: Play patiently to avoid falling

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6. Tracking

Hiking is one of the most adventurous things to do. And going on tracking one of them Adventure Sports in Bangalore, Karnataka can easily arrange your weekend. It is best to enjoy these hills with friends and family. The level of hiking is not very difficult, and it is suitable for beginners. It’s absolutely true that we can get away from city life. It is situated in Savandurga.

right moment: The best time to visit the mountains is monsoon and winter as the temperatures are pleasant and comfortable.
entrance fees: Since it is a walking tour there is no entry fee
Tips: Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for trekking

7. Zip Lining

Who doesn’t love zip lining? And it is one of the most popular adventure sports in Bangalore that one can try. This adventure is done at Nandi Hills, which is quite popular among the people living around Bengaluru. You can easily plan a weekend getaway to Nandi Hills where you can go camping and do such adventures.

right moment: The best time to visit here is summer and winter, which sets the temperature just right and one can easily do sports.
entrance fees: It is different in every season.
Tips: Follow all instructions and be patient

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8. River Rafting

One of the most exciting adventure sports you can do in Bengaluru is river rafting. Kabini River is one of the excellent supports for river rafting which is a four-hour drive from Bangalore city. One can enjoy this river adventure trip with friends and family, and it can be a perfect weekend getaway for you.

right moment: You can do river rafting in Kabini throughout the year.
entrance fees: It varies from season to season.
Tips: Wear a life jacket and check its fitting.

9. Kayaking

You can do kayaking in Mulki. One can plan it on a weekend as it is about an 8-hour drive from Bengaluru city. Public transportation to Mulki is readily available. When can I enjoy the beautiful views on the riverside and kayaking is one of the best adventure sports in Bangalore.

right moment: You can do river rafting in Kabini throughout the year.
entrance fees: It varies from season to season.
Tips: Bring binoculars and stay in touch with other kayaks

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10. Microlight Flying

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If you are crazy about anything flight related then microlight flying is one of them Best Adventure Sports in Bangalore That you must try. Now is the time to see the beautiful landscapes of Bengaluru from above ground and flying microlight aircraft. You can visit Jakkur Airfield as it is one of the best Adventure Sports Venues in Bangalore, Take a quick training session from the instructor and then head straight to the field for your fascinating flying experience. There will be a professional pilot sitting right next to you in the plane and you can easily fly over this beautiful city.

right moment: all sundays
Place: Jakkur Airport, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Tips: Listen to instructions properly and stay calm while you are in the air

11. Go-Karting

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Car races excite a lot of people and if you are one of them then go-karting is the best activity for you. To channelize the adventure lover in you in Bangalore, you must try go-karting. This activity is not as thrilling as the original car race, but it is definitely no less than an adventurous activity that everyone should try at least once in their life. Visit any go-karting place in Bangalore with your friends and enjoy a fun racing session on your trip.

Best places for go-karting in Bangalore: Raceway Motorsports, Play Arena, Torque03
Tips: Drive safely to avoid injury

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The places mentioned above are one of the best places to try adventure sports in and around Bangalore. One must try to come here for a weekend getaway. Trying adventure sports is quite thrilling and a lot of fun. Must visit with friends and family to have a great time. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Karnataka and try out these adventure sports.

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FAQs About Adventure Sports in Bangalore

Where to go for weekends near Bangalore?

You can visit Ooty, Coorg, Mysore and many more places.

When is the best time to visit Bangalore?

Bangalore can be visited in winter which starts from October to February.

Which famous vehicles can we drive from Bengaluru?

Firstly, you can do a road trip to Goa, Pondicherry, Coorg, Mysore with your favorite people.

Can sports activities be enjoyed in summer?

Yes, sports activities can be enjoyed in summer.

What are the best treks around Bangalore?

Uttari Betta Sunrise Trek, Mullayanagiri Trek and many more.

What adventures can be done in Bangalore?

Parasailing, soap football, air ballooning and much more can be done.

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