6 Adventure Sport Activities in Tasmania Australia

6 Adventure Sport Activities in Tasmania Australia

Tasmania is a place of wild beauty coloured by a tragic past. Tasmania Island is situated in the state of Australia. It is about 240 km to the south of the state of Victoria. It is separated from the state of Victoria by relatively shallow Bass Strait. Tasmania is a main island of this state.  

Tasmania is the only mountainous island found in this place. Now Tasmania has turned remoteness into assets, with unique wilderness and hip arts and food sense .The animal life here is not so much present from the true rainforest but is present in the eucalyptus forest.  

Tasmania Australia
Tasmania Australia

The highest population of Australia is in Tasmania. Tasmania has a vibrant art community. The University of Tasmania is a school for art as well as science.

Major importance is given to sport activities in Tasmania.

Spiky bridge

This bridge is found on the east coast of Swansea. This is one kind of an attraction of Tasmania. Though it’s just a bridge it is pretty cool. This bridge is made by the field stones laid without mortal or cement. Thus the bridge gets a spiky appearance.  It is believed that these spikes are made for preventing the cattle’s or cows that pass from this bridge to fall. But no one knows if this is really the truth. This bridge is 7.5 km in the south of swanswa on Tasmania’s east coast.

Dip falls

This is a waterfall situated in a remote region of north-west Tasmania in the forest called dip river forest. The road to access the waterfall is most of the time sealed. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this state. It has a two tiered structure and has a never seen rock formation which makes this place worth a visit. The best time to visit the dip fall is after rain and in winter as it is at its best at this time. The waterfall is also suitable for disabled access. There are also barbeque and toilet facilities that are provided near the dip fall.

White knights of Ever Creech

It is a beautiful natural reserve located in east Tasmania. One can enjoy here by having picnics or barbecue in the shade of the world’s tallest white gums. It is also known as white knights by the locals. There are undercover tables and chairs as well as outdoor seating arrangements made along with wood fire for barbecue with woods supplied by them. These gum trees are about 90 meters tall and 300 years old. The Ever Creech falls can be viewed via only a 45 minutes’ walk from the Ever Creech forest.

Do you ever at Chidiya Tapu Andamans: Bird Watching

Donaghys lookout

If one wants the best views of the franklin river valley and Frenchman’s cap then the best place to view it from is the Donaghys lookout. One can just take a walk to this place as it is only a 3km walk, which would take around 45 minutes only. The track passes through cool temperate rain forest, of which the trees are made by mosses. One can see nothing on a green murky day.  It offers a spectacular view of the wilderness of the wild rivers national park.

Penitentiary chapel, Tasmania Australia

It is situated in the streets of Campbell and Brisbane in Hobart, built in the year 1830. It is regarded as the one and only significant convict site in Australia. There are sections of this chapel. They are the two supreme courts.  

Tasmania might seem like the end of the earth, but it’s really the beginning of your adventure. The island state could not have been better designed for lovers of the outdoors. The coast line features perfect white sand coves and deserted windswept beaches that can be reached by Kayak or boat.

Swap a GLASS of something chilled in your hand for the paddle of a kayak as you watch the sunset over the idyllic setting of Coles Bay on Tasmania east coast.

Spot wildlife large and small on an award winning boat cruise around Burney Island, just off the southeast coast of Tasmania. From sea birds to fin-slapping humpback whales there’s a world class array of animals to look out for from the boats. You can motor for three hours along the rugged coastline or take the boat from Hobart for an all day excursion.

Mountain bike trails attract

Those who like lobsters and not just the buttered and grilled variety- this is the trip for you. In the tannin- stained rivers that run beneath huge ferns and myrtle trees in northwest Tasmania lurk giant lobsters, the largest fresh water crustaceans in the world. These gnarled, dark shelled giants have been known to grow up to 80 cm in length and live for several decades. But they’re an endangered species and numbers need to be carefully monitored.

Do visit and experiences Tasmania Australia renowned beauty and wild landscapes.

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