A Spotless House with the Hands-Free Dyson Outsize

A Spotless House with the Hands-Free Dyson Outsize

Different cleaning modes

They offer three cleaning modes, all optimized for a variety of tasks, so you can choose the right balance of power and Duration when and where you need it. Not all vacuum cleaners offer this, so it is useful to choose from different “degrees” depending on your needs.

Digital signage intelligently reports in real time

The Outsize has a digital display that shows the countdown of run time to the second and displays maintenance alerts, giving you full control over every cleaning session you perform. Besides, we love love love this feature.

Super powerful digital motor

The Dyson Outsize includes a digital motor that runs the brush bar Up to 60 times per second. Why is this important? He rides hard nylon hairs deep in the carpet to remove dirt, while carbon fiber the filaments capture well dust Hard floors. The Dyson A non-standard vacuum also falls into a Wall– mounted dock that loads the machine and can store tools like good.

A Spotless House with the Hands-Free Dyson Outsize

Note that above on the left there is a digital display which shows the countdown of the run time to the second and displays the maintenance alerts. The bottom image shows the docking station which is where and how you store your Dyson Outsize – we love having it on the wall as it frees up our floor space for other items in the closet. It also means that your vacuum cleaner is always available, charged and ready to go.

The first thing that surprised us with the Oversized Dyson is its massive bin size, but despite its size, it is remarkably light. Is it as light as our previous model? No, but that’s because of the size of the bin as well as the size of the main cleaning tool at the bottom. That said, the added luxury of having more space for your dust and dirt and the larger cleaning tool. wins by far the extra weight of this model.

To note: it’s not as heavy as a traditional vacuum cleaner and certainly handy for me to go up and down stairs with ease. Their ‘point and shoot’ The system makes emptying the bin a snap and unlike previous “hands-free” models, dust is more contained when you empty it.

“We love the hygienic emptying of Point and Shoot bins –

it’s such a breeze!

It also features a snap-on battery and Dyson’s power optimization technology and a battery-saving trigger that increases runtime. If you set it to something called Eco Mode, you have about 120 minutes of battery life before you need to charge it. And don’t forget, too, that the Outsize gives you that extra battery so you can keep it fully charged if you want to use it for longer cleaning jobs. For our purposes, a single charge is always sufficient.

A Spotless House with the Hands-Free Dyson Outsize

The Dyson Outsize snap-on battery.

As mentioned above, additional tools are included with this model for versatile whole house cleaning. For those with pets, you’ll love their Anti-Tangle Hair Screw Tool for removing pet hair from upholstery and tight spaces.

“Power on power on power. Suction on suction on suction.

Plus, Dyson DLS technology automatically senses and adapts to changes in soil type to extend runtime for the right balance of power and runtime when you need it, which we found to be a particularly strong asset. useful in our own tests.

A Spotless House with the Hands-Free Dyson Outsize

Power over power over power. Suction on suction on suction.

Technological features

There are also a number of advanced technology features including a fade-free battery Power to clean all over your residence. Their Hyperdymium motor boasts twice the suction of others wireless vacuum cleaners, which we can guarantee – this is one of the things that defines this model a part. They also offer something they call Radial Root Cyclone technology, designed for flint dust in the tank without obstructing the filter, so there is no loss of suction during use, another great supplement.

A Spotless House with the Hands-Free Dyson Outsize

Then there is the “whole machine filtration” which is supposed to trap 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. I want to add to this: while I can’t confirm that it was this technology that filled the trash, we were amazed at how much dust it captured after just one sweep of the whole house – in d In other words, it was completely full, something we’ve never seen with any other vacuum, including our previous Dyson model.

Their acoustic technology helps reduce noise and yes we can agree it is quite quiet to use compared to other vacuums we have tested. Returning to more suction, their in-line setup helps with that as well, resulting in more suction due to the alignment of all motors, bins and cyclones. Well done, well done!

A Spotless House with the Hands-Free Dyson Outsize

So far, great – well done and we look forward to seeing what else it can do in the weeks and months to come as we continue to test it more robustly. Visit their cordless upright vacuums page to learn more about their cordless offerings, and head here to learn more about Dyson offerings in general.

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