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A Spiritual Perspective: What a turbulent turn over the past few weeks as we have all faced a tsunami of news reports from around the world.

Unlike many health risks in the past, Covid-19 has an impact on the world – all of us, not just a country or a region. We can no longer feel safe because it happens “to these people there” as the ego of humanity so often does. We are all struck by a virus that we, as a global community, are still trying to understand.

The coronavirus itself is not new, but the strain is – as such, even the medical community is in unknown territory, as are hospitals that are trying to increase support, beds and supplies if the pandemic spreads. In addition to being in unknown territory, because we do not yet have enough test kits, we face even more uncertainty and doubt.

We are told that it is very contagious – that it can cross hair and eyelashes, live on physical substances such as stainless steel, metal and plastic for up to 3 days. (think of grocery carts and door knobs) and on cardboard for up to 24 hours (think of Amazon packaging and UPS boxes).

With this deluge of information – some of it hype and some real – how do we know what reality is? And, can we really control this reality?

What is reality?

As with any fearful stream of data, there is always someone who can benefit financially, and often it is usually big business, the pharmaceutical industry and, yes, governments. The result of hysteria and panic can be potentially worse than the virus itself.

So even if part of it is at stake, it doesn’t mean that the doctors’ facts are not very real or that the threat is not very real.

Some people have raised questions such as, “If we really want to enter into a greater consciousness, knowing what we know about the manifestation and the higher vibrational energies that we all have, don’t we give in to the fear that is created around us staying at home? Do we not give in to mass consciousness? Do we not allow ourselves to be controlled? Are we not causing more damage by distancing ourselves from others when, in this unstable period, we must more than ever be unified? ”

As with everything in a vision of the quantum world, there is no absolute and therefore the answer is YES and NO.

Consider this: if there is no absolute and only probabilities with multiple layers and complexities, imagine that Covid-19 has its own consciousness. What if humanity expressly called its conscience into our dimension?

Our collective conscience responds to Gaia’s heartache

In a world of increasing isolation where so many people have built stronger relationships with their phones and social media accounts than their loved ones, we are starved by a type of human connection that does not exist in a database in the cloud.

We long for a reconnection to Earth, the one that humanity has been plundering unhealthily for decades and decades. Gaia herself calls for healing, asking humanity to wake up and see the repercussions of our actions.

What better way for humanity to “get the message across” than for their conscience to call an intrusive and disruptive conscience to wake us up, even if it’s a virus. The laws of attraction and repulsion ensue, according to which we, as individual forms of energy and yet part of the “whole”, will repeatedly produce whatever we need to wake up or repeat the same pattern of disharmony over and over again.

Enter the domino effect that disturbance often creates, where we are forced to step back and get out of the mud.

Our eyes have been so glued to a tree for so long (aka digital screens) that we have lost sight of the forest, the collective good and “all that is” of which we are an integral part. In this process, we have no choice but to come back to our innate understanding that everything is interconnected whatever our belief systems, the color of our skin, the culture and the language we perceive define us, etc. .

We return to Unity knowing that we are part of a universal consciousness and that the universal consciousness is part of us – we are not functioning out of time and space but we are time and space, not separated from him.

In other words, what if the virus is actually a medicine for humanity, a kind of self-correction?

“But how does physical separation help us heal during so many uncertainties?”

There is no doubt that there will be physical and emotional ramifications for this so-called self-correcting drug. Family members, especially those with compromised immune systems or the elderly, can die. We will miss the physical connection that we have grown accustomed to on a daily basis – at work, at school and in our communities.

It cannot be denied that all of this seems painfully real in the physical world in this dimension here and now. But the way we interpret, deal with and manage the crisis that we collectively face as a global community is what is so essential to our healing.

Many have lived and suffered for a long time from another type of pain… a disconnection from themselves, from others and from Gaia herself. For those who were awake or “waking up”, there was an unprecedented interior knowing that we had better change our ways or die.

When the natural order of things – all living things – disagrees, Gaia must rebalance and because we are connected to Gaia consciousness, this combined consciousness presents itself as ONE energy for self-correction.

The natural laws of the Universe have appeared, forcing us to go inward and remember what is really important. Once you do, you will start to see a larger image awareness that comes from a macro view. Rather than seeing the virus as a kind of evil manifestation, imagine it as the emergence of divine intervention.

As with any rebalancing, the old ways of doing things and seeing things will disappear. The old orders, archetypes and structures will disappear or, at the very least, decrease, so that a new way of seeing and doing things can finally sit in the creator’s seat, get the voice it deserves and finally begin to thrive.

So go back in time when I said that in a quantum worldview, there is no absolute answer to “do we give in to the old model by isolating ourselves right now?” ”

Let’s look at a YES response. Yes, because we do not want to feed and make fear heard that could emerge on a global scale if we allow it, which causes the ego to raise its ugly head. The fight or flight escape mechanism “I’d better run away or die.” It is a lower vibrational state of mind that does not serve us or the collective.

Let’s look at a NO answer. No, because we allow a new consciousness to emerge to correct the natural order and follow the ebb and flow of this energy, much like a martial artist approaches his opponent. Remember, we still exist in a human body that can catch Covid-19 (known as a new virus) even if our immune system is strong.

Although it does not have a deadly impact on those who are young and healthy, it does not prevent us from being a vector, which means that we can “harbor” the virus and transmit it even without symptoms or never get sick.

So, because we are connected to other living things, we need to think about the impact we could have on others, especially those with weakened immune systems and the elderly. From this point of view, we have a social responsibility to carry out a social distancing, at least for a little while.

For those of you who think that being together during this time is the most important thing, consider a higher goal, that of the natural law of correcting order. Rather than feeling stressed and anxious, use this time to go inward and think. It is also a time to allow what is, a time to allow you and your Higher Self to be in silence with the here and now. Only. Listen to your inner voice that will guide you in a way that no one else can.

Conscious intention: peace, love, inner knowledge

If it is time to think and be alone, does that mean that during this time we are not providing support to others? No, of course not – remember that we are all connected after all.

But, first and foremost, it means understanding the energy of the Covid-19 consciousness and working WITH energy, not fighting it, or backing off out of fear but out of respect for energy. To understand how to work with the energy of a new consciousness that we don’t yet understand, being humble is part of the process. We want to follow the flow of what the big picture has in mind for humanity, from a place of EBB and FLOW. The Qigong masters understand this well.

During this period, conscious intentional meditation and maintaining in a high vibrational energy of unconditional love is also necessary – it is not only powerful and healing for ourselves, but for those who are infected with the virus and the planet in his outfit. . It is about emerging with the FLOW of universal energy, without taking one side or the other.

Think of it as a retreat for moving reflection and in this inner time we can also energetically support others (remember that there are no borders or borders to our energy fields).

Then we can re-emerge feeling renewed physically, emotionally and mentally. On the other side is a world that has lost a layer or two of skin and will show us a new consciousness that we can embrace or not. I hope we all learn from the lesson and collectively embrace it as a whole.

Rather than fighting it, go to fear or excessive analysis, really feel the blessing that this correction will ultimately create for humanity.

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