A Guide To Know The Details (2020)

A Guide To Know The Details (2020)

An international tourist destination in Rajasthan, tourists come here to see the famous Camel Festival, Thar Desert, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Historical Old Forts. Apart from visiting these tourist attraction places, one should also try Shopping in Bikaner . You can buy authentic handicrafts of Rajasthan in your Bikaner tour. It is a tourist-friendly place in the western parts of Rajasthan. Bikaner coordinates are 28 ° 01′00 73 North and 73 ° 18 ″ 43 Coord East

Top 10 places to shop in Bikaner

Here, we tell you about the top 10 places to buy authentic Rajasthani souvenirs in Bikaner city. These shops are best for travel needs of Rajasthan, buying shoes, clothes and artifacts. You can find most of the craft stores near the attractions places of Bikaner.

1. Laxminath Market

Laxminath Market

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If you are near the Toliasar Bheruji Temple, then you should visit this open market, which is opposite this famous temple and one of the most appropriate places for shopping in Bikaner. You can buy authentic handcrafted costume jewelry from this market. You can match your ethnic wear color and buy them with your bargaining power. They have many traditional clothing costumes. If you like wearing Rajasthani mini dresses, dhoti and kurta, then this is the best place to buy.

Know: Toliasar Bheruji St., Kot Gate, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
Time: All week from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm

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2. Sethia & Sons

Sethia and Sons

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It is the best shop for travel to buy travel related goods at one place. You can also buy a mobile phone and a SIM from this shop. You can buy toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics. They have Rajasthani key chains and gift items, which are the best to take home in memory of the Bikaner tour. The gift items available here are great for people of all ages to buy. They have authentic lady fashion accessories mainly for saree lovers.

Know: B Sethia Building B Sethia Gali, KEM RD, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
Time: All weeks from 10:30 AM to 08:30 AM

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3. RCM Market Bikaner

RCM Bazar Bikaner

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It is the best market for authentic Rajasthani ethnic wear for children, men and women. They have a large collection of women’s clothing. You can buy kurta according to your color choice. They also have sari collections. You can buy fancy sarees at affordable prices. They give timely discounts on dress materials. In baby wear, it is best to buy winter clothes, as they are hand-woven woolen clothes.

Know: Phad Bazar, Chowkunti Mohalla, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
Time: 24-hour all week

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4. India Saree Center

India Saree Center

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A saree is a women’s drape dress. The place of its construction has many names. Nevertheless, handloom sarees are most preferred for its cost, quality and durability. And at this saree center, you can find authentic silk sarees and cotton sarees. Katans are silk sarees, which are best for buying and wearing them on special occasions. You can choose your favorite color and design from this clothes shop in Bikaner.

Know: Kot Gate, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
Time: All week from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm

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5. Jugal Ji Bakery

Jugal Ji Bakery

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If your birthday or special occasion comes to visit Bikaner, you do not have to worry about buying cakes and celebrating them. The bakery is open 24-hours and they offer midnight delivery. They provide 24/7 service in and around Bikaner. You are in a hotel and you can make a booking by paying online. Visit this place while shopping in Bikaner for cake and chocolate.

Know: Hotel Lalji, Bikaner, Near Rajasthan 334001, Abki Office, Opposite Station Road
Time: 24-hour all week

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6. Kala Mandir Saree

Black Temple Saree

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This clothes shop is best for buying wedding dresses for men and women while shopping in Bikaner. You will get authentic silk sarees. Apart from bridal dresses, you can also buy a special occasion silk saree. They have a large collection of handloom silk curtains. They are 100% original silk. Their designers wear silk collections that are best to buy for a rich look. Kala Mandir is a popular name among the complete sarees in Bikaner. The sales staff are very polite, as they do not try to push silk sarees for the pedestrian customers.

Know: Shop No. 201-203 Babuji Plaza Coategate, Bikaner, Rajasthan
Time: 10:00 AM to 08:00 AM all week

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7. TM Jewelers

TM Jewelers

image Source

People wishing to wear diamonds in their natural form can purchase polki jewelry from this shop. They are expensive, yet are of unique value to those who wear it as pure original diamonds or without diamond jewelery. Those who believe in colors according to their zodiac sign, they should buy authentic Jadau jewelry from this shop. Both diamonds and gemstones are designed with ethnic designs. They have gold and silver jewelry collections. It is a Hallmark jewelry store in Bikaner.

Know: 206, 207 Babuji Plaza, Rajasthan
Time: All week from 10:00 AM to 09:00 AM

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8. Pehar Saree

Pihar Saree

image Source

This saree store in Bikaner is best for buying traditional Rajasthani apparel for women. They have the finest handcrafted designs on drapes, which makes them one of the top places to shop in Bikaner. They are best to buy one in the name of Rajasthani cultural dress. You can sit inside this shop and the sales executive will open the grape varieties without any hesitation. You can choose your choice by color, design, and dress material. You can also sew churidar by purchasing bulk sarees at a cheaper price from this saree store.

Know: Kote Gate Road, Kote Gate, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
Time: 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM all week

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9. Jyoti handlooms and accessories

    Jyoti handlooms and accessories

image Source

This is the best store to buy handloom curtain in Bikaner. They have a curtain for your home and business needs. You can match your home’s painting and interiors and buy a unique curtain for your home. They are available in standard size. They are suitable for modern home windows with mechanical and electronic system opening and closing systems. You can also find a curtain for your traditional home with traditional designs. The latest are handloom curtains, which are best suited for traditional homes. The curtain available here is more durable as handcrafted in Bikaner.

Know: Toliasar Bheruji St., Gali, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM all week

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10. Parshwanath Plaza

Parshwanath Plaza

image Source

It is the best shopping plaza for business travel, tourists and locals of Bikaner to shop A to Z products under one roof. There are branded and multi brand clothing stores here. They are best for buying formal and casual clothes for men and women. There are many women’s clothing shops. They are best to buy authentic silk sarees for latest fancy sarees. You can have a great time here by shopping at toy stores and children’s wear shops for children. People wishing to buy Rajasthani artifacts can buy souvenirs from inside this plaza. It is the best place to shop and fill your hunger and beverages within this shopping ground. It is a crowded field during the weekend. Nevertheless, this plaza has ambient parking lots.

Know: Station Rd, Near Railway Station, Rani Bazar, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM all week

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So, these are the best places to shop in Bikaner. Check the places on this list on your trip and not only let yourself get lost in the forts and palaces. Remember and always remember the shopping experience of the royal city. So, plan a trip to Rajasthan and go!

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Frequently asked questions about shopping in Bikaner

Q. All shops and stores are available in Bikaner, Rajasthan?

a. You can find book depots, cell phone stores, clothing stores, craft stores, fancy stores, general stores, gift shops; Bikaner needs homes, stores, jewelery shops, mattress stores, sports goods, stationery stores and sweet shops.

Q. What kind of shopping markets exist in Bikaner for ShopClues?

a. Shopaholics can go shopping in boutiques, open markets, outlet markets and shopping malls in Bikaner city and suburban locations in Bikaner.

Q. Which authentic item should a tourist bring to commemorate the Bikaner tour?

a. In memory of Bikaner tour you should buy Bikaner Bhujia. These are salty crunchy snacks.

Q. What are the popular women’s grapes in Bikaner?

a. Bandhi, Sanganeria, and Dharchola sarees are popular women’s dresses in Bikaner.

Q. Which one should buy camel leather product in Bikaner?

a. Camel leather mojri is an authentic leather product that should be purchased once in Bikaner. It is a colorful footwear made of camel leather.

Q. Why do tourists buy Nokha Razai from this hot desert like Bikaner?

a. Yes, this warm area makes this quilt relaxing during the winter season. It is handmade and gives more heat than any other branded quilt.

Q. Where to buy cheap Rajasthani souvenirs in Bikaner holidays?

a. To buy cheap Rajasthani souvenirs in Bikaner holidays, you should shop in open markets

Q. Shops in Bikaner accept credit cards and debit cards?

a. Yes, most shopping malls, boutiques and outlets shops accept credit cards and debit cards from tourists. You can find card-approved logos in front of such shops.

Q. Which is the best season to visit and shop in Bikaner?

a. The winter season is the best season to visit Bikaner from October to February and also shopping.

Q. Is the Camel Festival in Bikaner the right time to buy Rajasthani artifacts?

a. Yes, during the Camel Festival in January, you can find many Rajasthani artifacts for sale. You can buy them at a cheaper price by negotiating.

Q. Are night markets available in Bikaner?

a. Yes, you can find them in peak season in flea markets of Bikaner. There are also some shopping malls, which are open 24 hours.

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