Adventure Cove Waterpark – A Guide For The Perfect Escape

Adventure Cove Waterpark: If you want to see the best of parks, visit Singapore. From Jurong Bird Park to Nocturnal Wildlife Park, the country has so much in store that a single visit would always feel less. But, if you’re worried about its mostly sunny weather, then we have got the perfect place for you to escape from it.

The Adventure Cove Waterpark is a water theme park that offers adventurous and soul-stirring experiences. From rides that will make your heart skip a beat to restaurants that will treat your tastebuds, the park provides everything you ever wanted to freshen your body & soul in the Merlion Land.

So, keep this guide handy while visiting the park and indulge in the fun for the most thrilling experience ever!

What’s So Exclusive About Adventure Cove Waterpark?

Exclusive About Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adventure Cove Waterpark. Image Source

Apart from being a world full of adventure, the waterpark provides such luxurious services that you would not have thought to be in a water park. While you can shop here after enjoying the rides, you can also relax in the cabanas. You can rent a cabana and take the opportunity to relax, take a shower, and savour a meal!

Adventure Cove Waterpark: Opening Hours And Tickets

The timings to visit the adventurous water park are from 10am to 6pm. Also, the Adventure Cove Waterpark ticket for one day costs INR 1994 for adults and INR 1554 for children and senior citizens.

Top Things To Do In Adventure Cove Waterpark

Since the water park offers many amazing rides, we have selected the best ones to give you the most soul-stirring experience!

1. Witness The Marine Life In Rainbow Reef

Marine Life In Rainbow Reef
Image Source

Rainbow reef offers the opportunity to witness as many as 20,000 tropical fishes that will leave you delighted like never before! Indulge in snorkelling for the most heart-rending experience as the fishes play hide-and-seek with you. This is one of the best adventures in the waterpark that you cannot afford to miss!

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2. Lazy Around In The Lazy River

Lazy River

Image Source

Many of us sometimes just want to wile away the time, lazing around, doing nothing but we always wonder if it’s possible. Well, if you are one of those people, then this is the best place for you as it has a lazy river where you can simply relax and do nothing! Apart from that, it also offers soothing effect to your mind and body.

3. Race With Your Partner In Dueling Racer

Race With Your Partner In Dueling Racer

Image Source

This ride is one of the best Adventure Cove Waterpark rides where you can have a soul-filling experience. While dueling, take the racer mat and go to the finish-line as fast as possible. Challenge your partner to the race and have the best fun!

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4. Find Your Way Out In Wet Maze

Wet Maze
Image Source

This maze will give you an experience of lifetime! In the maze, you have to navigate the way out but the fun doesn’t end here. The maze is full of sneaky water blasters, water sprays and more. So, you have to watch out for them and get out safely. Sounds exciting, right? So, make sure you do indulge in this while holidaying there!

5. Swirl Down The Pool In Whirlpool Washout

Pool View
Image Source

Whirlpool washout is one of the top experiences in Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore. Before you enter into a splash of pool, you’ll be whirling down through unending twists and turns. So, take your partner with you and go whee!

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6. Shop At Reef ‘N Wave Wear

Shopping Place
Image Source

After indulging in ultimate thrill, go shopping and treat the shopaholic within! Reef ‘n wave wear offers branded surf and swim wear along with flip flops and other lifestyle items. Apart from that, you can also buy souvenirs, themed collectibles and cool gifts here. Make sure you visit the shop for taking memories back.

Places To Eat In Adventure Cove Waterpark

Stop by at these places to eat in the water park to complete your day!

1. The Bay Restaurant

Image Source

Stop by at the Bay restaurant to savour lip-smacking Japanese fusion dishes after enjoying the rides. The restaurant is known for its fast service and breezy ambience. If you’re visiting the waterpark with your family, do visit this place!

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2. Hot Dogs And Drinks Cart

Hot Dogs And Drinks Cart
Image Source

Feeling hungry during your visit to the park but want to try something different? This is the place where you can satiate your serious hunger. The cart offers steaming hot dogs and chilly biryanis with cold drinks.

3. Blu Ice Treats

Blu Ice Treats
Image Source

If you’re visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark with your friends, then this is the place you should head to after having a soul-satisfying experience in the waterpark. The shop offers sandwiches, corndogs and refreshing drinks that will vanish all your tiredness.

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Adventure Cove Waterpark Map

Tips For Adventure Cove Waterpark

1. Buy the tickets for the park beforehand for your convenience.
2. Make sure that you’re carrying all the essentials before visiting the park.
3. While visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark, swimwear policy is something that you should keep in mind to avoid any hassle.
4. Keep your belongings safe before heading to the rides. You can use the lockers provided by the park.
5. Don’t forget to bring your camera. You can also buy one from their store and keep your gadget safe.
6. Keep extra clothes with you for an emergency.

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