8 Resorts Near Kutch For A Great Stay In The White Desert In 2020

8 Resorts Near Kutch For A Great Stay In The White Desert In 2020

An island that resembles the shape of a turtle, it is a district in Gujarat and the largest district in India. It is a land of culture, color and amazing topography. Yes, we are talking about Kutch! Kutch literally means wet and dry but in Sanskrit it means tortoise. A large part of Kutch, the great Rann of Kutch flows into the water during the monsoon season and dries up during winter. Kutch has been gifted with great art and architecture from the Indus Valley Civilization to the Rao Dynasty. But that’s not all! Some are amazing Resorts nearby Kutch Which connects the tourism angle to the place.

Kutch is an ideal place for a land of romance and valor. There are many places in Kutch which are popular tourist destinations like Bhuj, Gandhinagar and many more. It is a wonderful mixture of sea and desert which gives charm to the place. One place that needs a special mention in Kutch is the Great Rann of Kutch, which is a great white sand desert. It is the largest white sand desert in the world. With the discovery of the great Rann of Kutch, many tourists enjoy walking on Mandvi beach and march across the Indo-Pak border of Kutch. If you are planning to holiday in Kutch and are confused about your accommodation, here we are providing you a list of resorts near Kutch, which will clear your confusion.

8 Resorts Near Kutch For A Great Stay
8 Resorts Near Kutch For A Great Stay

8 top resorts near Kutch

Here are the top resorts near Kutch, make sure you choose the best one that meets all your requirements.

1. Mahfil e Ran Resort

Mahfil e Ran Resort

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It is a rural resort of Gujarat located in the village of Hodka and a grand resort near Kutch. The resort is surrounded by natural beauty and is an ideal place from where you can capture the magnificent land of Kutch. The resort has tents and bungalows for its guests, and all accommodation is traditionally built. All the bhangs have handicrafts of the state as well as decorative rags of cloth and clay. The resort provides basic facilities to its guests such that private washrooms are attached to each tent and bhangs, and each washroom is equipped with basic toiletries. A garden and free internet service are also provided for people entering the Mahfil e Run Resort. There is a restaurant that serves Indian dishes to its guests. The staff of the resort is very accommodating and accommodating.

place: Bherandiala
Distance: 33 km from Kutch
cost: Rs 4000 later

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2. Rain Village Resort

Ran Village Resort

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It is located in Bheranandiala, if the main feature of Ran Village Resort is that Bagh. The basic amenities offered by this property are a multi-cuisine restaurant, with amazing room service with 24-hour front desk and free internet access. The resort offers an outdoor swimming pool and always arranges entertainment for the evening and a concierge service. Rooms at the Rann Village Resort are well equipped with air conditioning and a private washroom. All washrooms are with basic toiletries. Vegetarian breakfast is included in every accommodation at the Vegetarian Village Resort. It provides an ironing service with professional facilities such as photocopying and fax machines. The nearest airport to this resort is Bhuj Air Force Base, which is 47 km from the resort, and the property provides a shuttle service to the airport which is provided with paid service.

place: Bherandiala
Distance: 22 km from Kutch
cost: RS 6000 forward

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3. Cottage Craft Village Resort

Cottage Craft Village Resort

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It is one of the luxury resorts near Kutch. The resort is artfully built, with art crafts made by the locals of Kutch. The resort offers beautifully decorated Bhungas as accommodation for its guests. The cottage resort has a restaurant and superb room service. Every room has a fully equipped basic toiletries such as a towel, soap and more. Business center with 24-hour front desk and free parking is available for guests. A Continental breakfast is served every morning to guests, who are always included in the price of the accommodation. The resort also offers a child’s playground with a beautiful garden at the resort. All rooms are equipped with a safety deposit box and air-conditioned. One can also take advantage of the ironing and wake up service at this resort.

place: Village Hodko
Distance: 32 km from Kutch
cost: RS 3800 onwards

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4. Dharni Village Resort

Dharni Village Resort

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It offers rural living in Hodka village, located in the rural area of ​​Kutch, but the resort ensures the best comfort, luxury and location for its guests. The rooms have traditionally been designed with an interior design that provides the warm atmosphere of the resort. The rooms are designed in a mix of modern and traditional ways. Each room is well equipped with necessary amenities, which makes the stay more comfortable. You will enjoy staying in the traditional and rich cultured bungas of a resort. It offers 3-star accommodation, with a garden with a 24-hour front desk. One can experience the charm of traditional Bhungas with mud floors and mud huts at the Dharni Village Resort. Guests can enjoy a vegetarian breakfast every morning.

place: Hodka Village
Distance: 33 km from Kutch
cost: Rs 4200 onwards

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5. Rain Festival – Tent City

Rann Utsav

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This resort is situated on the edge of the desert. The city of Rann Utsav Tents offers tents as accommodation for its guests. All basic facilities are provided to the guests inside the tent. Guests can enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast at the tented camp every morning. The resorts provide a playground for children while at the same time adults can relax in the camp garden area. Free toiletries are provided to guests with appropriate dressing rooms in the tent. The wifi option is also available, as there is usually no network range in this area so internet helps you to connect.

place: Khavda
Distance: 50 km from Kutch
cost: 13000 rupees later.

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6. White Rann Resort

White Rann Resort near Kutch

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One of the finest resorts near Kutch, this resort serves guests with great ambience and perfect settings for tourists to have a pleasant holiday away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The resort’s in-house restaurant serves multi-cuisine for all types of plates. A 24-hour travel desk is available at the resort. For those who are more into indoor activities, this resort offers many outdoor games for its guests, as well as cycling, badminton and many more recreational activities that one can enjoy with family and friends. The resort also has an on-site amphitheater as some cultural events are held in the theater every evening.

Desert safaris are also offered by the resort, so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of the desert with safari. The rooms of the resort are designed in a local way with decorative artifacts of the locals creating an authentic atmosphere for the tourists.

place: Fat Rana Area, Wash, Khavda
Distance: 52 km from Kutch
cost: RS 15000 onwards

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7. Battlefield Resort

Ranbhoomi Resort

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The battleground resorts near Kutch have been designed in such a way that it gives tourists a comfortable stay. The rooms of the resort are comfortable and sophisticated which are fully equipped with all basic amenities. All rooms have private washrooms, and the washrooms are equipped with geysers and a cleaner is always available for cleaning the washroom and rooms. The resort has CCTV camera service, ironing, laundry service and lots of facilities. The property has a beautiful terrace and a garden. Vegetarian food is served to the guests staying at the battlefield resort. If you are a pet lover, this is the perfect option for your stay as pets are allowed in this property.

place: Bunny, Hodka Village
Distance: 32 km from Kutch
cost: RS 4500 onwards

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8. Resort Ran Rajwadi

Resort View

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It is a 3-star property, situated on the wetlands of Bhuj’s agricultural land. The rooms are designed in such a way that they provide a modern and traditional atmosphere to the guests. The rooms are well equipped with basic amenities like enclosed toilets and all toiletries. The resort offers a variety of scenic facilities for its guests that make the stay easy for tourists. Resort Ran Rajwadi offers services such as doctor on call, laundry, housekeeping services. The property also has folk concerts in the evening to entertain guests. All units of this resort are provided with seating and dining area. Every morning, a vegetarian breakfast is served to guests.

place: Bhirandiara, Four Way Glasgow
Distance: 20 km from Kutch
cost: RS 3500 onwards

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