8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

If a holiday is on the cards, plan a trip to one Hill Stations nearby Dalhousie. They are quaint, scenic, serene and you have every possibility of rejuvenation in the lap of nature. With hills and rolling meadows, monasteries, cafes, local markets and local food; These hill stations close to Dalhousie are nothing short of pure bliss.

8 hill stations near Dalhousie

These hills retreat near Dalhousie and delight every fond traveler with its quaint beauty and serenity. Just look.

1. Khajjiar – 25 km from Dalhousie
2. Dharamshala – 118 km from Dalhousie
3. Dharmkot – 124 km from Dalhousie
4. McLeod Ganj – 125 km from Dalhousie
5. Palampur – 145 km from Dalhousie
6. Market – 236 km from Dalhousie
7. Kasol – 307 km from Dalhousie
8. Manali – 324 km from Dalhousie

1. Khajjiar

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

Khajjiar is the nearest hill station near Dalhousie and no one remembers to see it from Dalhousie. Khajji is located near the Nag Temple and the route to the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary Khajiyar is a beautiful and serene hill station with a green rose valley. Khajiyar is situated in the center of a vast meadow, surrounded by deodar forests. People come here to visit the Khajaji Nag Temple – dedicated to the Nag Devta, freezing in the meadows, enjoying horse riding and chandeliers and enjoying the surreal view of the surroundings. Typically preferred as a day trip from Dalhousie, some even stay overnight to experience the stunning sunset view.

the main attraction: Lush green meadows, Khajji Nag temple and Khajjiar lake. One can also enjoy horse riding and zorbing.
Place of stay: Anjali Cottage Homestay, Hotel Mini Swiss and Hotel Cedar
Distance from Dalhousie: 25 km
things to do: Zorbing, Jungle Safari, Trekking, Handicraft Shopping
Best Time to Visit: December to March

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2. Dharamshala

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

Dharamshala is a majestic place for a relaxing holiday. The lofty Himalayan ranges, all around, with lakes, dense forests, centuries-old monasteries and temples, are each attractive elements to make the holiday in Dharamshala memorable and attractive. Presently the abode of His Holiness the Dalai Lama- Dharamshala attracts spiritual tourists, honeymoon couples and youth in the year. As it is the most popular hill station near Dalhousie, the two places are covered simultaneously by all fond travelers.

the main attraction: Namgyal Monastery, Dal Lake, residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Naddi village, Bhiksunag Temple and Tibetan Museum.
Place of stay: Welcome to Heritage Grace Hotel, Pink House, Little Mastiff, and Horizon Villa
Distance from Dalhousie: 118 km
Best Time to Visit: February and june

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3. Dharmkot

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

One of the hill stations close to Dalhousie is Dharamkot. It is an offbeat destination, which is not usually explored but provides the highest visible aura that can make everyone awkward. Situated above Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj, Dharamkot is known for its spectacular views of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar Range.

the main attraction: Kareri Lake, Kangra Valley, and Traund
Place of stay: Hotel Shivani International, Hotel Anand Palace and Jostel
Distance from Dalhousie: 124km

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4. McLeod Ganj

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

Known for cafes, local handicrafts, authentic Tibetan food, and colorful monasteries, McLeod Ganj is a holiday hotspot that has gained popularity in no time. As a famous hill station near Dalhousie, people come to McLeod Ganj with Dharamshala. Gulzar Vibe, Colors and the happening cafes, local restaurants, book stores, and markets as solo travelers, and largely backpackers, make it a popular paradise for more youngsters.

the main attraction: St. John’s Church, Dal Lake, Naddi View Point and Tushita Meditation Center
Place of stay: Fortune Park Moksha, Posh Hotel & Himgiri Resort & Spa
Distance from Dalhousie: 125 km
things to do: Take a trek, induse in boating, camping, go exploring
Best Time to Visit: April to june

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5. Palampur

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

Palampur is a quaint and picturesque hill station, located in Himachal. Adorned with fragrant tea gardens, natural parks, valleys, and waterfalls; Palampur looks like a colorful canvas. The stunning view of the Dhauladhar range from Palampur is to die for and makes the holiday truly fascinating. If you are listing the hill stations around Dalhousie, then Palampur should be on the list.

the main attraction: Saurabh Van Vihar, Negal Khad Bridge and Palampur Tea Garden
Place of stay: RS Sarovar Portico, Norwood Green Resorts and Himachal Heritage Village
Distance from Dalhousie: 145 km
things to do: Paragliding, Trek to the Peak, Explore the Green Land, Seek Blessing
Best Time to Visit: March to june

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6. Market

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

The mandi is situated at an altitude of 800 meters and offers a soothing climate and excellent views. While it is not a well-known hill station near Dalhousie, one can certainly be evacuated from Dalhousie and the tranquility and beauty of the place will definitely make it worth the 7 hours long drive.

the main attraction: Parashar Lake, Pandoh Dam and Jalori Pass
Place of stay: Hotel Monal, Rajmahal Palace and Visco Resorts
Distance from Dalhousie: 236 km
things to do: Trek to the Gorgeous Pressure Lake, Explore the Mysterious Kamarunag Lake, Visit the fascinating Revlaser Lake
Best Time to Visit: March to may

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7. Kasol

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

Nestled on the banks of the Parvati River and surrounded by milk-laden mountains, Kasol is a small and very beautiful hamlet. Usually by foreigners, especially the people of Israel, Casol buzzes with solo travelers and backpackers throughout the year. Popular for trekking and camping, this hill station near Dalhousie should be on the cards for everyone.

the main attraction: Gurudwara Sri Manikaran Sahib, Choz Bridge and Grahan Street
Place of stay: The Hostler, Hotel Sandhya and The Rainbow Inn
Distance from Dalhousie: 307 km
things to do: Kheerganga trek, ancient village, shopping, gear up for some adventure
Best Time to Visit: October to February

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8. Manali

, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

The last name and certainly the least favorite in the league of hill stations around Dalhousie is Manali. Extremely beautiful and popular, Manali is an option for a family vacation, honeymooners and adventure-filled people. Traveling to temples, dipping in hot geysers, trekking and watching wildlife and wandering on the Mall Road are usually the favorite tourists here.

the main attraction: Manu Temple, Hidimba Devi Temple, and Manali Sanctuary
Place of stay: Holiday Heights & Spa, Apple Country Resorts and The Holiday Resorts
Distance from Dalhousie: 324 km
things to do: Solang Nala, Riverside Camping, Mountain Biking, Skiing at Riverside Cafe
Best Time to Visit: December to February

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Dalhousie is a beautiful holiday destination. If you club with it the scenic hill stations near Dalhousie and customize your trip to Himachal with Travel Triangle, it will definitely be a great holiday.

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Frequently asked questions about hill stations near Dalhousie

Q. What to do in Kasol?

a. Kasol has a range of adventures and thrilling activities. From Riverside camping, the Kheerganga trek, the Tosh Valley and Malana village treks to shopping for Israeli cuisine and local handicraft; Everything is on the list.

Q. How to reach Palampur?

a. Pathankot, located 112 km away, is the nearest rail route to Palampur and takes about 7 hours to reach there. Palampur is connected to state-run buses from all major tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Q. What are you going to do in Dharmkot?

a. Maclod Ganj can roam, enjoy trekking and camping and adventure sports, and try local authentic Tibetan food.

Q. Why is Kasol Mini Israel?

a. A large number of Israelis visit Kassol every year and even nowadays one can experience authentic Israeli cuisine. For the growing influence of Israel, Kasol is called ‘Mini Kasol’.

Q. Name the popular cafe in McLeod Ganj?

a. Moon Peel Expresso, Four Seasons Cafe, Crepe Pancake Hut, Ilrapati Books & Coffee, Seed Cafe and Namgyal Cafe are a must visit for a cafe in McLeod Ganj.

Q. Which is the nearest airport to Mandi?

a. Chandigarh is the nearest airport to Mandi and takes about 4 hours to reach there by bus or taxi.

Q. Does snow fall in Manali?

a. Manali is expected to experience snowfall in mid-December and mid-February anytime.

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, 8 Hill Stations Near Dalhousie That’ll Ensure A Great Trip

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