8 Best Homestays In Bhopal That Will Make You Feel At Home On Your Trip

8 Best Homestays In Bhopal That Will Make You Feel At Home On Your Trip

Bhopal, the former land of the Nawabs, is surrounded by many historical monuments that still bear the centuries-old aura of nobility. Along with the captivating beauty of the lakes, Bhopal is also known as the “City of Lakes”. Fresh tint foliage, peculiar heritage, a rich culture, and a fascinating history stuck in royal palaces and mosques along with Chowk Bazaar make it an incredible destination for travelers. It is ensured by tourists throughout the year. To allow you to seize all of the city’s zest, it offers you viable alternatives to homestays that don’t make you feel away from home during your stay. Here is an overview of all budgets. Homestay in Bhopal Where you can check in and have a gala time!

8 great homestays in Bhopal

Go through all these excellent options for cheap homestays in Bhopal and choose the one that best suits your craze, vacancies and interests.

1. Corner Cottage Homestay

Homestay Room

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If you are planning to stay in Bhopal with your fellow colleagues, Corner Cottage is one of the most appropriate houses in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It includes air-conditioned rooms, lawns with seating and living space. The owner of the property is friendly and helpful, and the staff is always ready to assist you. There is no such strict restriction except for loud music. In addition, it gives you free access to the kitchen, combined with all necessary appliances. With this, you can practice and serve your favorite dishes at any time, or you can order your desired dishes. In addition, all basic amenities, such as free parking, newspapers, dry cleaning and laundry facilities are also provided within the property.

place: E-8/104 – Trilanga Colony, Bhopal 462039, Bhopal, India
Face value: 423 INR

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2. Eco Homestay

Eco homestay scene

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It is one of the top homosexuals in Bhopal that can provide you the appropriate deals for your stay. The place is equipped with all the necessary facilities and caters to all your needs. The masters and faculty are supportive and ready to assist you according to your needs. The rooms are comfortable and have a balcony and a TV with an attached bathroom. All in all, this is the right place for your accommodation.

place: House no. 9, Police Housing Society, Nilabad Road, Berkhedi, Bhopal, India
Face value: 2,095 INR

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3. Banyan tree fields

Farmhouse scene

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With a peaceful and serene environment, this place is the perfect place to rejuvenate your energy. This homestay is located away from the hustle and bustle of city life, thus allowing you to enjoy and spend quality time with your peers. With the necessary facilities, this homestay provides you with a swimming pool and rooms with proper aeration. Additionally, it also offers you an evening barbecue that you will never want to miss.

place: Treehouse, Bisankhedi, Near SAI Campus, Bhadbhada, Bhopal, India
Face value: 1,045 INR

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4. Jhelum Homestay

Jhelum house scene

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Hosted by Mr. Brigadier Prabir Goswami, this homestay is located near the lake “Bada Talab”. In the evening hours, you can take a walk with your family as Bhojtal is just 200 meters away. The house is equipped with free WiFi in all public areas so that you do not run out of connectivity. Talking about the amenities, tourists get a privately maintained private garden to leisurely roam. It provides a homelike environment, as well as a suitable work desk in every room. When it comes to arranging for a taxi or stopping at an auto, homeowners will assist you. In addition, if you travel with more than just light packing, you can take advantage of additional luggage storage.

place: Jhelum, Old Dairy Farm, Bairagarh, 462030 Bhopal, India

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5. Artistic Homestay

Artistic Homestay Room

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It is one of the best houses in Bhopal. It offers you many accommodation facilities – Standard, Deluxe and Superior, all three. You can select any according to your preferences. It is a beautifully designed residence, furnished with all handicrafts and paintings on the walls. This perfect setting of the residence creates a positive vibe all around. In addition, the rooms are well ventilated, thus allowing fresh and clean air inside. It offers pick and drop homestay facilities and has flexible check-in and check-out times. The bhakta is in the question anyway and favors healthy interactions.

place: 75, Avadhpuri, Piplani, BHEL, 462022 Bhopal, India
Face value: 473 INR

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6. Holiday Homes & ResortHoliday home homestay scene

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This house belongs to the most luxurious houses in Bhopal. Located in Semri village, it is surrounded by lush green leaves that keep you close to nature. In addition, it is included in some houses in Bhopal with a swimming pool. So, you can always call your friends for a pool party or spend quality time with your family in the beautiful garden. All rooms are clean and comfortable. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the bonfire set by the personnel. The staff is welcoming and on the spot for their service. In addition, the safety factor is considered at the forefront, with adequate power backup. One can definitely consider for this room, as it has much more than comfortable rooms.

place: Ratibar Road, Village Semri, 8 km ahead of DPS School, Bhopal, MP 462044, India
Face value: 2,700 INR

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7. Shiva Shakti

House view

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This grand luxurious homestay in a resort provides a homely atmosphere with all the amenities of a hotel. It is spread over a vast area and is suitable for all your playful activities. The in-house cafeteria which serves you with many food flavors is one of the various ingredients of the place. This homestay provides free access to the Internet, plus 24 × 7 agile security. All rooms are well-organized, air-conditioned, and are connected to a washroom. Apart from this, you will also find an LCD TV at the right place.

place: Near Pashupatinath Temple, Shivna River, Mandsaur, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 458002
Face value: 4,938 INR

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8. Ankit Anand Bhawan

Bhawan scene

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When you are planning to take your children along, it is one of the best houses in Bhopal. Caretaker service can be availed to make your travel experience memorable. Next to Pagoda Hospital, it is a prominent place in the city. When it comes to shopping in the southern part of Bhopal, this homestay is also your right choice. The owners of the house are multi-lingual, thus welcoming guests from across the country. The rooms are equipped with a complimentary regional newspaper, on-demand iron and laundry facilities and basic first aid services. There is also enough common area that can be used during the day to relax after exploring the city.

place: 60 Sumitra Paris Phase 1, Near Danish Kunj Kolar Road, Bhopal, India
Face value: 466 INR

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So, where would you stay during your vacation in Madhya Pradesh among these luxurious and comfortable homes in Bhopal? And once you return, don’t forget to tell us about your fabulous holiday experience in the City of Lakes with your loved ones!

Frequently asked questions about Homestay in Bhopal

Q. Is it safe to stay in this homestay in Bhopal?

a. Yes, these homestays mentioned above are absolutely safe to say. All the homestays mentioned in this guide of Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal are certified, so that you do not have to make any compromises.

Q. How many days are sufficient to locate Bhopal?

a. Your visit to Bhopal should be at least three days, so that no major place remains unexplained.

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