8 Best gourmet destinations in the World!

Best gourmet destinations, 8 Best gourmet destinations in the World!

Best gourmet destinations in the World!

Best gourmet destinations: Everyone has a different reason to travel around the world. Some people believe in experiencing the culture of the place through its food. So they can go anywhere and can spend anything to find something delicious. For them, the foremost reason for travelling around the world is to explore the flavour of the local cuisine.

 Are you a connoisseur or looking for the best destinations to experience the excellent food?

Best gourmet destinations, 8 Best gourmet destinations in the World!

Some of the must-visit destinations for food lover’s are:

1. Italy:

Though food is good in every part of Italy and every region has its own cooking traditions, but some are the best in terms of the quality of the food. Pizza and pasta are incredible in Italy. Some places for authentic pizza and pasta are  Ceresio 7, Al Pont de Ferr, L’Angolo D’Abruzzo – da Giannino, Pastamadre for  Pasta, Sforno, La Fucina, Life Pizzeria Bio, Li Rioni, Pizzarium for pizza. Piedmont and Lombardy for Risotto  (a dish of rice cooked with soup and flavored with grated cheese and ther ingredients also).
Another must taste cuisines are Minestrone soup, zupaa di pesce, meat and fishes dishes, ossobuco, pastries, Italian coffee and many more.

2.    Chicago:

Chicago is famous throughout the world for its hot dogs.  The Chicago hot dogs are often topped with cucumber and tomato and relish. Some of the places to get the best Chicago style hot dog in Chicago are Gene & Jude’s, Jimmy’s Red Hots, Superdawg Drive-In, Fat Johnnie’s, The Wiener’s Circle, portillos and many more.

3.    Paris:

Paris is most famous for its’high-class cuisine – luxury foods, dishes made with a great deal of cream & butter, Elegant sauces, meat, roasted chicken in cream sauce refined desserts etc.

4.    Japan:

Japan is a wonderful country having a wide arrange of culinary adventures including heavenly food. Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, has now become popular throughout the world. Some of the other famous Japanese cuisines are Soba, Shabu-Shabu, Okonomiyaki, Tonkatsu, Yakitori and many more.

5.    Sydney:

Sydney is famous for having great food of all types, but the best is sea food. Some of the famous places for sea food are Darling Harbour, Bondi Beach ,Harbour Cruise  and Center point Tower.

6.     Singapore:

Singapore is known as a food paradise for the authenticity and variety of food. There is no single best dish in Singapore, but generally Singapore has a huge variety of cuisines. In addition to rice and noodles, some more must taste food in Singapore are chilli Crab and Pepper Crab, soba with kastu and gyoza, ayam penyet, long island iced tea, tom yam soup, okonomiyaki, apple pie and many more.

7.    Spain:

Spanish food is fantastic and world famous.  Spanish food is famous for its freshness and healthfulness. Some of the delicious dishes to try in Spain are Paella, freshest seafood, king prawns, tapas, fresh fishes, all seafood, roast lamb and many more.

8.    New York City:

New York has a larger variety of ethnic American foods and fast foods. You can explore various mouth-watering dishes of NY including Bagels, Doughnuts, pizzas, Pastrami on Rye, Cheesecakes and many more.

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Best gourmet destinations, 8 Best gourmet destinations in the World!

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