8 Best Christmas vacation ideas to travel

8 Best Christmas vacation ideas to travel

People always love to visit no matter who they travel or how they travel. People always like to travel, and it was a known fact.

Millions of people love to travel much often to their desired places. And some people might go very rarely, but they often want to visit as well.

As per human tendency, people always like to see places and explore different kinds of situations. That to enjoy nature really and also to experience a different thrill.

Christmas vacation
8 Best Christmas vacation ideas

When it comes to holidays, and on special occasions, most of you like to travel to unique places. Which have the unusual places to see and particular trends to find out on that season?

Now, if you are the one who wants to explore the different and lovely place on this Christmas Eve, then I am here for you to say those unique places where you can have a blast.

These places are the best places to explore this Christmas Eve. Whether you are planning a holiday trip or you have the plan to go for a beach type of location. Or some other places which have some different parties.

Then this list is absolutely for you; I will say the 15 best places to explore on this Christmas Eve. I have mainly taken these places by studying them as well.

Here are some best Christmas vacation places where you can travel:

  1. Christmas in California:

California is one of the beautiful places in the world; it is a western U.S. state which has some fantastic locations to have a glance at. It stretches from the Mexican border along with the Pacific Ocean.

8 Best Christmas vacation ideas

It has a special place in Christmas celebrations; families mostly plan to relax in California beaches where they find the charming coastal town.

It offers many holiday events, and on Christmas Eve, the place will look simply amazing with its different parties; you can have a blast.

Other than the parties, it also has a lot to see; you can visit some unique museums and places where your family and kids will only love those places; it has lots of Monterey’s, Newport Beach, Healdsburg and some other fantastic places to visit in California.

It is very well known for the Christmas Eve celebrations in the U.S. and also around the world. Although it doesn’t stand at the top when coming to worldwide, it is a place which must be in the upper part of travel vacations because of the places you can visit like Sand Diego, USS Midway Museum, Maritime, etc.

  1. Christmas in Bethlehem, West Bank:

When you want to travel for the famous Christmas Eve celebrations, then the first place which comes to mind is Bethlehem.

It is the Palestinian town which is located in the south of Jerusalem on the west bank.

Bethlehem, West Bank
8 Best Christmas vacation ideas

Most of today’s concerned parties and events are organized on the Christmas Eve in that location. It’s hard to deny that the origin of Christmas often seems forgotten because of the other modern touches you can find the best celebrations on the west bank and it also has some attractive places to watch.

The place will only blow out your mind if you are a Christmas Eve lover because you can find millions of people partying at a single location with some fantastic lighting. It is the best place to travel for this Christmas Eve.

  1. Christmas in New York:

I don’t have to say how beautiful and how modern that New York tradition is, the rock feller Centre lies at the Centre core of the New York Christmas Eve celebrations.

It’s just a full famed ice rink that has been around for more than 79 years, and the decorated Christmas tree is one of the traditional trees which is having more than 84 years of the tradition.

New York

New York is a place you must watch if you love the checkout parties and fabulous sites and attractions as well.

It has many places you have to visit, and the best thing on Christmas Eve is the central park, which has the two ponds for skating and horse-drawn carriage rides, which were loved by the kids and teenagers.

Not only that, the present-day fashions and other celebrities will join in the festive, and it will merely set up a beautiful Christmas window displays. It is a place that is always worth to watch out for these Christmas celebrations.

  1. Christmas in Lapland, Finland:

Lapland is a fantastic place which is in Finland’s northern region. It is well known for its vast subarctic wilderness, and it has some unusual places to watch. Most people love the midnight sun and the northern lights.

Lapland, Finland
Lapland, Finland

Its capital Rovaniemi is having some exciting places to watch. It is having the most extensive and most genuine experience of the park and also the ice land. Kids will only love this place where they love to play with the ice.

Here kids will make gingerbread cookies with Mrs. Santa Claus, and the places to look out are a rouge zoo and wolverines and moose and the science and research Centre.

  1. Christmas in Quebec, Canada:

Christmas Celebration in Quebec has some special place in the worldwide. It is surrounded by the snow and ice and at the picturesque in the Manoir Hovey.

Quebec, Canada

It is the best place in Quebec, which is located in Canada if you are looking for the best place to travel and also to play with the ice and snow.

Then it is the best place where you can celebrate your vacation happily with your family and friends. Canda has some special Christmas celebration events and packages.

It is one the best place for couples as well, and most couples love these kinds of areas which is covered by the snow. It has a special place to watch as well. You can go to a variety of places like snowshoeing, snowboarding, trucking, and other sports activities.

  1. Honolulu Hawaii:

This is a place that stands for its Christmas parties. It has the best beaches which have the blue water, and it looks pretty amazing.

Honolulu Hawaii

You can see the Santa Claus dons alongside the beachwear for the Christmas celebrations in Hawaii.

You might already have that Hawaii is a tourist place, which is having a lot to see. You can visit many tourist attractions in Hawaii and also in Honolulu as well.

All the celebrations center around the Honolulu city lights will amaze you and your family. It is having a special opening parade with a unique live music event, and it will also have a 15 meter Christmas tree to attract the visitors as well.

  1. Christmas in Reykjavik, Iceland:

As we know, Iceland is a beautiful place to visit, and every couples and family want to see Iceland at least once because of the mountains and its scenery.

Reykjavik, Iceland

It is the country of sharp contrasts; it was the place where the ice and the fire co-exist. Usually, it is has a lovely view and apart from its beautiful homes, it is best in the Christmas celebrations as well.

Among the specific facts, the 13 “yuletide lads” are said to bring the presents for the sweet kids from 13 nights leading to Christmas Eve. It is having the rows of some beautiful huts with the makeup of the Yule Town Christmas.

People will love the city because the snow-covered it, and the lights will be focused on all the huts, and it will be like a veritable Christmas feast.

  1. Christmas in Barcelona, Spain:

You might have heard about the Barcelona before because it was one the ravishing place to stay in this world. It has some best places to have a look at as well.

Barcelona, Spain
8 Best Christmas vacation ideas

Anyone who wants to manage their Christmas Eve vacation will defiantly have a look at this place, and they want to be there for the Christmas Eve.

The best thing in Barcelona that people love is its Copa Nadal 200 meters swimming competition across the harbor on the Christmas day. Lots of people enjoyed this game.

The parties will be rocking over there. They will fire the canons and the fireworks, which are mind-blowing. If you are a lover of visual appearance, then you will love that place, and you won’t leave that place until the lightings stop.

It has some unique sites to have a glance at, and it is also having a magnificent parade on the street, which is simply amazing to have a glance at, and you can also find the dazzling and various costumes on that parade.

Along with that, you can see the beautiful performances and live events on the Christmas Eve parade.


These are places that are worth to watch on this upcoming Christmas Eve; you should view these locations to enjoy yourself and also to be a nature lover. You and your family will love these places once you visit them. I hope you liked this article if you have any other sites to suggest then you can recommend them in the comments. I’d love to hear from you guys have a blast.

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