6 Prime Iceland Travel Tips For A Safe And Hassle-free Trip

Iceland is a charming little island located in the North Atlantic Ocean that prides itself on its unusual combination of temper fueled by volcanic eruptions on the icy cold Arctic sea. This dance of fire and snow on top of this unique beauty is reflected throughout the landscape and each season brings in new wonders. Iceland is one of the few places on Earth that has an odd variety and has something amazing for every visitor. Be it the lush summer months, where the sun never sets or the darkness illuminated by the northern lights, Iceland has a lot to offer. But, before planning a trip, there are things you should know about Iceland travel tips So that you can have a safe, happy and hassle free holiday.

6 major Iceland travel tips

Iceland is an ideal place with friendly locals, incredible landscapes with volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, and lava fields. There are quite a few tips for visiting Iceland that are important to keep in mind and we have compiled a short list of travel related tips. There are some Iceland travel tips that are ideal for backpackers, while some are compatible with road trip planning through Iceland, and others for travelers visiting during the winter.

1. Iceland Trip Planning Tips


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Following the tips for visiting Iceland plays an important role in planning your vacation as it is a country of contradictions and unpredictability.

Best Season to Visit: Travel during the summer months of July and August. You can also visit the winter caves to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights and to see the ice caves if you do not mind the extreme weather.

Learn some Icelandic words: Tourists will have no problem communicating as English is widely spoken here. However, learn some common phrases like “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Yes” and “No” in the local language.

Tipping is not a must: although it is appreciated, it is not necessary.

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2. Iceland Backpacking Travel Tips


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Being home to countless breathtaking expanses, Iceland is definitely a paradise for backpackers. But since it is an expensive country, you will find these Iceland backpacking travel tips extremely easy:

Pack light, but well: Whether you are traveling in summer or winter, carry waterproof boots, thermals and waterproof jacket. Pack a balaqua and snow pants for the winters. Also, to save money (and to reduce the use of plastic) carry a water bottle instead of buying new bottles every time.

Always carry: All major Iceland travel tips will allow you to carry waterproof hiking boots, gloves, waterproof outer layer, thermal clothing, swimwear, sleeping bag, umbrella, tent, map or GPS, knife, first aid kit, winter headwear and water bottle Will ask for

Activities: Backpackers and budget travelers will find that most natural attractions and parks can be visited and explored for free. Adventure activities are expensive and it will cost you to visit a museum (between 1650–2000 ISK) or attractions such as the Blue Lagoon (9990 ISK) and the Elf School in Reykjavik (6500 ISK).

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3. Iceland Budget Trip Tips

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When in Iceland, it will be easy to make your trip in terms of budget, if you follow these suggestions:

Accommodation: An important Iceland backpacking travel tips is finding cheap and budget-friendly accommodation. Options for guesthouses and hostels instead of hotels. A bed in a hostel will cost you around 3500-7500 ISK for one night.

food: For budget travelers, eating out can be quite a costly affair. Even convenient food like sandwiches, soups, kebabs etc., it can cost up to 1300 ISK. Opt for hot dog vendors lining streets selling cheap hot dogs within the range of 400–500 ISK. Gas stations also sell good quality fast food, including hot meals, deli sandwiches, fruits, etc., which are available at cheaper prices.

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4. Iceland travel tips in winter

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Although one might expect it to be unbearably cold, the warm waters of the Gulf Stream help make its temperature tolerable throughout the year. The winter season lasts from November to March and if you follow these tips in Iceland in winter, you will get to see the best things like Northern Lights.

Do not miss ideas: Iceland turns into a winter wonderland with snow everywhere. Be prepared to be attracted to stunning landscapes, including ice caves and spectacular displays of the Northern Lights.

Opt for guided tour: Due to unpredictable weather, it is not sensible to rent a car during winter or risk driving in icy conditions. A guided tour will be safer and you will be in experienced hands.

Keep an eye on the weather: The weather can be quite humid at times during the winter months. Popular sightseeing and attractions such as the Blue Lagoon can be unexpectedly closed due to bad lagoons or heavy rains. Also, if you want to see Northern Lights, you need to keep an eye on some websites which give instant updates on Aurora forecast.

Visit an ice cave: The ice caves are open from mid-October to mid-March every year and should only be explored through a guided tour. The three main caves are Solihimajokul (2 hours from Reykjavik), Muradalasjokul (2.5 hours from Reykjavik), and Vatnajokull (4 hours from Reykjavik).

Go whale watching: Whales can also be seen in winters like the orca pod that spends winters outside the Snafelance Peninsula. Humpback whales can also be seen near Reykjavik and the Snaffelsnes peninsula.

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5. Summer Iceland Travel Tips

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June, July and August are the official summer months, when the average temperature is around 10 ° C, sometimes as high as 20 ° C. To make the most of your vacation, follow the following Iceland travel tips in the summer.

plan in advance: As Iceland has become a major tourist destination, especially during the summer months, it is important to book your tickets well in advance.

Take sightseeing at night: One of the important tips of Iceland travel is to visit the tourist attraction at night as it will still be daylight and you can beat the crowd.

Book Night Tour: Such as Midnight Sun Mountain Hiking Tour, Golden Circle Tour, Horse Riding Tour and Midnight Sun Tour.

Buy local produce: Many farmers have started selling local agricultural products such as organic fruits, fish and meat at affordable prices. If you are planning to cook your own food, it is a good idea to buy products made from them instead of stores.

Camping is a must: There are camping areas around the country and this is one of the best ways to experience the spectacular natural attractions of Iceland. However, camping in three national parks is prohibited. If you want to camp close to a farm, seek the permission of the farmer and pay a nominal fee.

Natural Hot Springs: Beat the cold weather by heading to natural hot springs like the Blue Lagoon, Secret Lagoon and Seljavallug Pool. You can also join a guided hot spring tour such as the Reykjadalur Hot Spring Tour.

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6. Iceland Road Trip Tips

Iceland Road

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Drive around to truly experience the breathtaking beauty of Iceland. The only driving route in Iceland is via the Ring Road which wraps itself in a circular highway of 1300 km and several secondary roads pass along it. There are many beautiful attractions away from the Ring Road, where one can go.

car rental: Among the various Iceland travel tips, renting a 4-wheel drive is a must during the summer months to explore the highlands. Sadakar is the cheapest car rental in the country.

Best time to drive: The best time to take a road trip is during July and August which will give you the full time of day. Roads will be closed due to the harsh winter weather from October to April.

Where to go: Usually, travelers take the anti-clockwise route, but it is a matter of choice for everyone which route you take.

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At one moment Iceland’s harsh winter terrain is brilliantly illuminated by the sky, while on the other it can be lush green grass filled with inviting flower beds. Whether you’re hiking on the Golden Circle Tourist Trail, soaking in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, or taking a 55-km walk between Landmanluger and Posmorc, the options here are limitless. Take a vacation to Iceland while following these Iceland travel tips.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iceland Travel Tips

Q. How should I prepare for a trip to Iceland?

a. To prepare for a trip to Iceland, keep the following points in mind:

– plan in advance
– Buy the right clothes
– Make a reservation in advance
– Carry a really good camera
– Always check the weather condition

Q. What should you do in Iceland?

a. You should try and avoid:

– Leaving your coat at home even in sunny weather
– driving too fast
– Assuming alcohol is available everywhere
Wherever you go, buy plastic bottles instead of carrying only one and refilling

Q. Do I need cash in Iceland?

a. No, you do not need to carry too much cash as you can pay easily through credit or debit card.

Q. Can I drink tap water in Iceland?

a. Yes, you can drink tap water and use it to refill your bottle.

Q. Do the people of Iceland speak English?

a. Yes, most people are fluent in English. Other languages ​​spoken include German, Danish, French and Spanish.

Q. How much money is required for a week in Iceland?

a. Ideally, a one-week vacation in Iceland would cost around $ 7000 to $ 9000 for a family of four.

Q. Which currency is used in Iceland?

a. The currency used in Iceland is called krona.

1 ISK (Icelandic Kroon) = INR 0.58

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