5 Must-See Casinos In The World

5 Must-See Casinos In The World

The world is full of beautiful and amazing casinos. Many of them are grand and luxurious, while others are more intimate with a unique atmosphere. Here’s a list of five of the most outstanding casinos in the world.

Grand casino cities like Macau and Las Vegas hold many of the world’s wildest casinos. But there are also many other places in the world with big, amazing casinos. If you’re the gambling and gaming-loving type, who enjoys gambling and betting, these casinos will be a perfect vacation destination for you.

These five casinos are located on three different continents! This makes them very different from each other, but they have at least one thing major in common; their gambling facilities are first class.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is one of the most famous casinos in the world. It’s known for its amazing gambling facilities and its theme of life in the Roman Empire. At the casino hotel, you’ll find giant statues, columns, and towers of all sorts. By the entrance, you’re greeted by Julius Caesar in the form of a 20-foot statue. The casino itself holds impressive gambling facilities with pretty much everything you could imagine of tables and slot machines. It’s a must-see casino if there ever was one!

The City of Dreams Macau Casino, Macau, China

This casino is located in the crazy casino city of Macau. If you’d like to explore a new city and love gambling then Macau is the place to go! The City of Dreams Macau Casino is an exclusive resort with marble floors, a glass exterior, and art décor. It’s huge, covering more than 420.000 square feet. The City of Dreams Macau Casino has around 1400 hotel rooms, 20 bars, restaurants, and lots of other activities as well. They’re also known for the Aquarium Dancing Water Theatre and the Bubble Fountain.

Venetian Macau, Macau, China

Also located in Macau is Venetian Macau. This is the largest casino in the world! There are lots to see at the 550.000 square feet large resort. With more than 3000 hotel rooms and 3400 slot machines, the place can hold a lot of gamble-loving guests. They have everything the heart could desire of both gambling facilities, entertainment, and dining.

Foxwoods Casino Resort, Connecticut, USA

Connecticut-based Foxwoods Casino Resort is a massive and luxurious resort. There’s actually not one but six casinos at this resort giving you every gambling opportunity possible. Foxwoods Casino Resort has an authentic Native American theme, which sets a very unique setting. This casino is definitely a must-see!

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

Along the edge of the Pilanesberg National Game Park, you’ll find the Sun City Casino Resort. This South African casino is both stunning, glamorous, and luxurious. Among many things, they have two massive world-class golf courses. Absolutely nothing has been spared.

If you can’t wait to visit one of these extraordinary casinos, there’s an alternative way to feel that casino vibe in advance. Online gambling has become a distinct trend that more and more people are starting to cultivate. It’s easy, accessible, and a lot of fun. In addition, it is also a good way to practice your casino skills before paying a visit to a real-life casino.

During these corona times, it is not certain that you have the opportunity to experience a casino. In that way, an online casino can also be a compensation until it becomes easier to travel around the world. These five casinos, listed above, are some of the world’s best, but maybe they’re more than a day’s journey from you. If you’re looking for an amazing casino closer to home, check out a casino travel guide.

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