4 Fun Picks for Summer • We Blog The World

4 Fun Picks for Summer • We Blog The World

4 Fun Picks for Summer • Tour Travel Hotels

Here are some fun choices for your summer fun: one to consume, one to wear, one to listen to and one to energize your creativity while adding to the serenity and healing in your life.

Wines from Lakewood Vineyards

Several years ago we took an incredible trip through the Finger Lakes, testing some of the region’s wines, restaurants and nature activities.

Since we come from the Adirondacks, we have a soft spot for northern New York State, so we were delighted to be able to see some of the wines from a vineyard in the Finger Lakes again. (Be sure to read our Finger Lakes Travel Guide as well as our Finger Lakes Food Guide).

Lakewood Vineyards has 7 decades and 3 generations of viticulture experience, so they are well established and have also won countless awards over the years. Their vineyard covers 80 hectares and offers 14 grape varieties.

They offer different styles of wine, but all grape variety wines of vinifera family of grapes. They are also wines which some define as “Fight against grape varieties”, suggesting that they are product in many parts of the world.

Their Cabernet Frank is a classic Bordeaux variety, and it does so well in the Finger Lakes area because Cabernet Frank loves a coancient climatic region. It is a great wine to taste with a good steak or smoked cheeses.

To learn more about Lakewood’s vineyards and wines as well as how to order, be sure to visit their website.

Swim & Lounge with Voda Swim

We fell in love with the latest models of Voda Swim, which is the original idea of ​​the model and international designer Yulia Drummond. They are known for something called “Envy Push Up Swimwear”, which was created for “Redefine push up swimwear.”

Needless to say, their swimwear styles have a way of flattering the body. The design itself was inspired by Yulia’s inability to find a bikini that flattered her little bust. With that in mind, we found that some styles were a little too small (at the top) if you have a larger bust, but that doesn’t mean there are no options in their line if it’s the case.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to review some of their swimwear this season.

Take a look at this fabulous scarlet urge Push Up Headband One Piece, which is our favorite of the collection. We love this piece for anyone looking for a great slimming option – this fully covering and classic cut swimsuit has a Fabdominal lining lined at the waist and ties at the back.

Although the materials are imported, they are manufactured in the United States and include Nylon, XtraLife Lycra Garnish, Polyester, Spandex Power Garnish and Spandex. In addition to what is vibrant and fun above pink, it’s coming black, a purple / blue color and red.

Their Azure Desire Push Cut out top and button combo comes in eight different Color the options (3 different printing styles) and five different solo colors. This is a great option for those looking for a bit additional blanket and I would also say that it is a great option if you are over 40, as it safely masks some of the extra lines that we tend to get later in life. It ties at the neck and back and has a non-removable push up padding.

We opted for their light blue to medium blue, because the color exudes pleasure, swimming and the sun.

Do you want something a little more sophisticated and elegant? Try their One Piece Envy Push Up Texture, which is available in deep navy blue, a gorgeous eggplant and classic black. One of the things we love about this elegant suit is its ribbed details that are not only super comfortable but also incredibly chic. And, the colors are rich and beautiful.

There are also many two-part options. As a matter of fact, a of the things we love about this brand is their variety both full coverage and thinner styles to suit a variety of body types (and age).

the Envy Push Up technology is part of every swimsuit design and each piece has non-removable push-up padding, with coverage options ranging from naughty and Brazilian bikini down to full coverage a piece. Larger sizes range from 32AAA to 34DD, making it ideal for smaller busts, as well as naturally larger busts that require additional lifting and support.

I would note here however that if you have a larger bust to order a larger size than the one you usually order for the top. You can order the ups and downs separately, so if you are taller at the top but smaller at the bottom, you can adjust your order accordingly.

For more information, be sure to visit their website for more options and how order.

Ultimate Ears speakers

We love the some products of Ultimate Ears and looked examined one of their speakers a couple years ago. We just received an update from Ultimate Ears at test outside, which couldn’t have been a better time for summer.

Their HYPERBOOM offers a bold 360 ° sound in one waterproof, super robust, portable speaker. My favorite of the group is their MEGABOOM. The nice thing about their brand is that they offer a wide variety of options to choose from depending on your needs, your style and of course your choice of color.

The first MEGABOOM we reviewed had the charger at the bottom, making it difficult to keep the speaker plugged in while in use. The new MEGABOOM 3 has moved the charger to the side so that you no longer have that hiccup. And, the sound is not only powerful, but the speakers are robust and waterproof, making it a great choice of speakers for the summer.

We opted for fun and playful blue, but it is available in purple, red and black.

MEGABOOM 3 offers something called 360-degree spatial sound – due to its cylindrical design, you receive stereophonic sound that radiates uniformly in all directions. The speaker also has a “thundering” bass which is deeper than other speakers of its size.

Adventure seekers and passionate travelers will love its rugged design. Apparently, the folks at Ultimate Ears have subjected it to more than 25 rigorous durability tests, including thousands of button presses, somersaults, drop tests and more. They note that you can drop it, hit it, headbang with it, even spill your drink on it, and it’s supposed to hold it all back.

Now, we haven’t subjected the speaker to this level of testing, but we tested it in a kayak where it rocked a bit and of course got wet.

With MEGABOOM 3, you can play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker to control any music streaming. The cool thing is that you can set up one-touch playlists for Spotify on Android, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music and Deezer Premium.

* Compatible with Android OS 6 and higher phones and tablets

You can also associate up to 8 Bluetooth source devices enabled (up to two source devices at the same time) and the mobile play range can reach 45 meters (or 150 feet).

Ultimate Ears is a fun brand – they also offer more creative styles and designs for the more creative of you.

Reiki cards: artistic pleasure or for energy healing

We loved discovering these creative and artistic Reiki cards from Emilie, otherwise known as her shop on Etsy: Emilie Healing.

Obviously, if you are a Reiki practitioner, these cards will make a lot more sense to you and will allow you to easily access the symbols from your wallet or you can even store them in your cell phone case.

These Reiki Symbols The cards are made of plastic with a nice coated finish and measure 3.5 inches by 2 inches.

The kit includes 7 Reiki Symbols Cards with a cotton bag to shop their. For Reiki practitioners, the symbols include the main ones and a few others: Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (the distant symbol), Dai Ko Myo, Raku, Shika Sei Ki and Shika So.

The reason I included them here in a summer gift guide is because they are so beautifully made that they inspire everyone who loves beautiful things that inspire creativity.

In other words, you can frame them or paste / paste them on a board to display them. You can also put them on a table with crystals and precious stones. The symbols are curative and of course, largely designed for use by Reiki healers who are in tune with the symbols to be used with healing sessions, but just looking at them is healing in itself.

And, quite simply: they are superb to look at – contemplating their beautiful relaxing and warm colors is enough to put your mind at ease.

Check out his Etsy store for more information, including how to order.

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