20 beautiful black sand beaches in the world

20 beautiful black sand beaches in the world

Trod on these 20 beautiful black sand beaches in the world.

  • Are you drawn towards anything odd from usually natural occurrences? 
  • Do you consider yourself adventurous and special?
  • Do you wish to travel to far off and off beaten places in the world just to see something unique?
  • Are you a beach buff?

If you have answered affirmative, then, you would love to visit such beaches in the world that wear ‘black sand’.

Black sand beaches are certainly odd and rare in the world of beaches. It may not allure many of you but they look lovely for some.

We are so much used to see golden sand (the normal color of the sand on beaches) on most of the beaches that we think it is odd to see other coloured sands that include:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • White


Though all these coloured sand beaches are beautiful, black sand beaches are different, unromantic, and dirty.

black sand beaches
black sand beaches

Black sand retains heat and such beaches are tough to visit during midday. In addition, you may feel dirty when your feet look black. We all feel the same.

Nevertheless, black sand beaches are different.

Know these 20 black sand beaches in the world:

The black color sand on beaches is due to volcanic lava and rocks that are washed onto the shore. Therefore, you are right to imagine the black beaches are always near a volcano, extinct or dormant now.

Black sand beaches in Hawaii

Kaimu black sand beach, Hawaii

Kaimu black sand beach, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are volcanic and some volcanoes still erupt. When a volcano spews lava and molten rock and ash, it is certainly dangerous but still beautiful when you watch it from a safe distance. Fire from a mountain-top without any ignition is awesome!

Kaimu black sand beach is located on Hawaii Island (Big Island) the largest in Hawaii archipelago.

Kaimu’s black beach is due to the activities of Kilauea Volcano.

This is a sheer fascinating geological phenomenon.

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Yes, certainly odd but still beautiful! This black beach is located on Hawaii’s Maui Island. The jet black sand and small stones (solidified lava) certainly attract tourists in large numbers. All of you that have said ‘yes’ to the questions at the beginning of this article would fall in love with dark-colored beach sand.

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

The black sand was due to the activity of “Haleakela” Volcano. The eruption happened a very long time ago.

This Waianapanapa black beach in Maui  Island, Hawaii is also famous for ‘sea stacks’ and blowholes.

Blow Holes:

The blowholes are an extraordinary geological phenomenon. There are holes on the beach that blow water upwards whenever the sea waves crash on the black beach.

Here is an example of a ‘blow hole’.

Terrific sight-isn’t it?

Sea Stack:

Below is how a sea stack looks:

Sea Stack

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Probably, this Hawaiian black sand beach is the most visited black beach in the world and the sand is really ‘pitch dark’ in color.

Punalu’u black beach is located on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Another big attraction of Punalu’u black sand beach is the Green Turtles.

Punalu’u black sand beach is the Green Turtles

The sea here is unique in the sense, some freshwater from underneath sometimes surfaces and it carries a cooler temperature than the saltwater.

North Pacific Ocean has so many geological and marine life surprises for us.

Some of the rare marine lives that can be spotted off the coast of Punalu’u are:

  • Humpback whales
  • Spinner dolphins
  • Hawksbill turtles
  • Hawaiian monk seal
  • Orange-black Damselfly

Kahena Black Sand Beach, Hawaii


This is one more black beach on the Big Island, Hawaii. The beach is not a broad one but still, you can see a small stretch of thick black granules on the sand.

Kahena Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

There are schools of spinner dolphins you can spot. The locals call this black sand beach ‘Dolphin Beach’.

Nudists can be occasionally spotted on the Kahena black beach.


Honokalani Black Sand Beach, Maui

Honokalani black beach is located in Maui Island Hawaii. The  Wainapanapa black sand beach and the Wainapanapa volcano are the nearby attractions.

Watch this video displaying the black sand on the Honokalani Beach, Hawaii.


Oneuli Black Sand Beach, Maui

It seems all the beaches that wear black sand in Hawaii are located in the Big Island and Maui Island.

Oneuli black beach is on Maui Island, Hawaii.

Surprisingly, this Hawaiian black beach looks deserted. The video might have been shot on an odd time-maybe during high noon when the black sand will be too hot under naked feet.

This is the only black sand beach in Hawaii that is conducive for swimming and snorkeling. Manta Rays are spotted underneath the water.


Black Sand Beach in India

Tilmati black sand beach, India

It is inexplicable! There is no volcano nearby but still, the sand is black in Tilmati beach located in Karwar, Karnataka, India.

The town is called Majali, and the Goa border is at a walkable distance. The Karwar city is located about 12 km west of the Tilmati black beach.

This is the only black sand beach in India though there is said to be one more in Gujarat; not much information is available about it on the web.

You can indulge in some water sports like kayaking or snorkeling. The black sand beach is mostly deserted.

Black Sand Beaches in Indonesia:

What better place to see several black sand beaches in the world than Indonesia, the land of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis?

A volcano called Mount Agung is solely responsible for black sand beaches in Bali. The volcano erupted even this year.

There are four notable black sand beaches in Indonesia, and all of them are located in Bali Island.

Keramas Black Sand Beach, Bali, Indonesia

 I think the Balinese people are not fond of black color and that’s why this rare black sand beach looks devoid of any tourists, neither local residents nor others from abroad.

I would point out to lack of facilities on this rather remote southeast coast of Bali for the isolation.

Generally, the water that comes into contact with black volcanic pebbles or sand will have healing qualities.

Tulamben Black Sand Beach, Bali, Indonesia

OMG! The black beach must measure just about 10 feet! Nevertheless, it is an isolated black sand beach in Bali’s northeast coastline.

There is a wreckage of a ship ( U.S. Navy ship named Liberty) in the waters deep crevices. Therefore, scuba divers flock to this black beach to see the ship wreckage. I wonder what the scuba divers are looking for in a wrecked ship! Probably some precious souvenirs?

When I saw the images and videos of Tulamben Beach, I noticed a lot of rocks jutting out of the water. Isn’t that risky for the divers?

I read the remnants of the sunken ship is visible just below 15 feet from the water’s surface, thus inviting even curious snorkelers.

From Tulamben’s black-sand shore, you can view the active Mount Agung volcano. That will be an exciting sight in your life-watching, a recently erupted volcano!

Another nearby active volcano in Bali is ‘Mount Batur.’

Since the black beach in Tulamben is mostly well-visited, there is no shortage of ‘volcano view’ hotels and resorts.

Maserati Black sand Beach, Bali Indonesia.

This less-crowded black sand beach is located close to Keramas black beach, Bali.

Amed Black Sand Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Once again, I am leading you to a less-popular black sand beach in Indonesia. Amed black beach is in Bali Island.

Snorkeling is accessible here, and to cater to their needs, there are hotels and cafes on the shore. They find the colorful coral reefs much to their amusement. Additionally, they can see marine creatures such as Manta rays and sea turtles.

Amed Black Sand Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Divers are interested in seeing the wreckage of a Japanese warship.

Watching the sunrise above the horizon in Amed black sand beach is a breathtaking sight.

If you have never watched salt extraction from the seawater, you can do the same here in the salt farms on the seashore.

Black Sand Beaches in New Zealand

Piha Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

Not many people know New Zealand has several black sand beaches. In general, New Zealand beaches are picturesque, like the cliff-laden beaches of Italy.

Here is the Piha beach, the most attractive black sand beach in New Zealand.

Piha Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

Piha black beach faces the Tasman Sea. It is located very close to the Auckland city, about 40 km away.

Piha beach has a backdrop of the Waitakere mountain range.

The black color and on the Piha beach is due to the past volcanic activity of Waitakere volcano.

Due to the presence of vegetation on the Waitakere range, tourists enjoy scenic trekking on the mountain.

Additionally, the Piha beach offers excellent conditions for enthusiastic surfers. The waves are friendly and conducive even for novice surfers.

Since surfing is actively pursued here by hundreds of wave-surfers, there are decent accommodations to cater to the needs of surfers and onlookers.

For those that can afford, they can hire a beachfront caravan for a comfortable overnight stay.

For adventure lovers, canvas tents are let out. 

A little further from the beach, towards the direction of the Waitakere mountains, there is a small but picturesque waterfall named ‘KiteKite.’  The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is suitable for swimming. The whole area surrounding the waterfall is ideal for family gatherings.

Muriwai Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

This New Zealand black sand beach is also located in Auckland. The Kaipara volcanic activity is the cause of the black sand.

Similar to Piha black beach, the Muriwai black beach is also a surfers’ paradise. Surfboards are available for hire, and there is even a surfing school for the benefit of learners.

Muriwai Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

When the wind conditions are favorable for the waves that allow surfers to ride on them, it is also an ideal time for the hang gliders and paragliders to begin the adventure.

Hiking the mountain through the pine forest is encouraged for the tourists.

They also find horses on the black sand beach that take you for a galloping time on the black sand. The wind that blows through mane gives you a pleasant feeling.

The sight of gannets in large numbers is breathtaking.

See the Gannets’ acrobatic activities on the Tasman Sea.


Karekare Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

The Waitakere mountain range is in the background of this black sand beach in New Zealand. This is again located close to Auckland, 35 km away on the east. Please be aware that Auckland is situated on the west coast of New Zealand.

Karekare Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

New Zealand comprises two islands, namely North Island and South Island. Auckland is part of the North Island, New Zealand.

Here is a panoramic view of the KareKare black beach’s Waitakere mountains.

Oh, what a scenic beauty!

Bethells Black sand Beach, New Zealand

This is another New Zealand black sand beach located in Auckland. Surfers throng to the Tasman Sea when the wave conditions are conducive to surfing and skimboarding.

Bethells Black sand Beach, New Zealand

Other adventure sports in Bethells black beach are:

  • Paragliding
  • Skimboarding
  • Hang gliding

Black sand Beaches, Iceland

There are three black sand beaches in Iceland, but I doubt these natural geological beauties hardly attract any tourists. Iceland does not command a dark spot on the tourist radar with occasional exceptions.

Diamond Black sand Beach, Iceland

OMG! That’s gorgeous. The horizon is devoid of any ships, and that gives an eerie feeling, especially during daylight when the sun is shining bright, but the beach looks blacky bleak. 

Diamond Black sand Beach, Iceland

In spite of the white glaciers, specific beaches in Iceland wear black sand due to the volcanic nature of the surroundings.

Seal and Orcas (killer whale) are common to spot from this Iceland black beach.

Reynisfjara, Black Sand Beach, Iceland

Magnificent sight this Iceland black sand beach commands! The mammoth rocks behind the black beach and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean give the beach a surreal appearance.

The waves here are killer waves, unfit for surfers, and casual onlookers.

Staunch beach buffs declare the Reynisfjara black beach is a must-see attraction of Iceland.

Stokksnes Black Sand Beach, Iceland

To me, this black beach in Iceland’s southeast coast looks terrifying because the sand is pitch dark, and the waves are giant and powerful. I again doubt this black sand beach in Iceland attracts tourists from other countries.

Stokksnes Black Sand Beach, Iceland

Black Sand Beaches in Spain:

Canary island, Spain

Not the entire Spanish Island comprises a black sand beach but only a few places. Canary Island is an independent country.

Playa Roque Bermejo Black Sand Beach, Spain

This is one more black sand beach in Canary Island, Spain.

Few other black sand beaches are located in various parts of the world, which are nowhere near to each other. They are:

  • Jeju Black sand Beach, South Korea
  • Perissa Black sand Beach, Greece
  • Shelter Cove Black sand Beach, California, U.S.A
  • Black sand Beach, Dominica, the Caribbean
  • Anse Couleuvre Black sand Beach, Martinique Island, the Caribbean

So, that’s it, folks! I have come to the end of the list of stunningly beautiful black sand beaches in the world.

If you think I should include some more black beaches, please use the comment box to key in your suggestion.

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