15 Haunted Places In Delhi To Visit in 2022 To Challenge Your Souls

“From that day on, I have never made fun of people accounting for haunted places in Delhi

The story goes back to one winter night when I was getting restless at my home and so I decided to go for a long drive with my friends. All my childhood friends are practically my neighbors. So I picked them up and we went in the general direction of our regular hang-out. We were chatting, laughing, goofing around when we heard a shrill voice from somewhere around. We came to a sudden halt and when we were entertaining the thought of inspecting the voice, a deformed kid came in our view. Mind you, that we were on a short cut route which is normally very secluded. When we all felt something creepy, my friends asked me to start driving and to not stop till we cross the path. When we started moving that kid became angry and started to throw rocks on my car and started screaming. We all noticed that the kid was black-eyed and he was abnormally pale. We took off from there like bats out of hell and never went back there. .”

Spooky, right? Well this isn’t some scene from a movie. This is a real-life incident accounted by a colleague of mine. Well, it’s not completely a novelty for us Delhiites to either see such things or to actually experience them. There are haunted places in Delhi amidst the hustle bustle of the city. Let me a lineup the top haunted spots in Delhi where you can go and actually feel the presence of some supernatural presence.

15 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

Here is a list of some of the most haunted places in Delhi that will scare you from head to toe and leave you thinking about such things. Take a look.

  • Delhi Cantonment
  • Lothian Cemetery
  • Sanjay Van
  • Agrasen ki Baoli
  • Firoz Shah Kotla Fort
  • Khooni Darwaza
  • Delhi Ridge Area
  • The Haunted Tree Of Dwarka Sector 9
  • Chor Minar
  • Mutiny House
  • The Karkardooma Delhi Court
  • DDA flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II
  • Malcha Mahal
  • The Ridge
  • Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

1. Delhi Cantonment

The Delhi Cantonment area — One of the most haunted places in Delhi

Image Source

Though claimed to be the safest area of Delhi, Delhi Cantonment is surely not safe from spine-chilling entities. It is rated as the most haunted place in Delhi. Many people have claimed to see a ghastly woman wrapped in a white saree asking for a lift and when denied so, following the car with matching speed of the car. This place is also one of the most haunted places in India.

Haunted by: Woman asking for lift

2. Lothian Cemetery

The hauntingly eerie night at Lothian Cemetery

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Well, the backdrop of a cemetery is enough to give creeps and add in the factor of a beheaded ghost, all hell breaks loose. Yes, you heard it right and yes it does sound filmy. However, this is the true situation in this cemetery — typical of a haunted place in Delhi. Many of those who have seen this ghost with his disjoint head in his hand, are not alive to recount the tales and those of whom are alive, are rattled to their bones with fear. By-passers can often hear haunting laughs and cries coming from this creepy haunted spot in Delhi.

Haunted by: Beheaded ghosts burried in the cemetery

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3. Sanjay Van

The dark and wierdly still trail of Sanjay Van — One of the most haunted places to visit in Delhi

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This 10 km stretched forest is a haven for children and nature lovers during the day. However, it completely transforms into a nightmare by the time day comes to an end. The eerily poised elder women in white and children with shrill evil laughs may follow you into the darkness from which you can’t come out. Sudden pushes, resounding slaps, the disappearance of trinkets, spotting of fog in summer nights may sound funny and amusing to you but not when the entity doing it is not a human. The aura of this place is so haunting that it can easily score a rank on the list of scariest places in the world.

Haunted by: Elder woman wearing white and spooky laugh of children

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Historical Monuments That Turned Into Haunted Places In Delhi

Delhi has a lot of historical monuments too that have been famous sites to visit. But here are a few, that have turned into haunted places. Have a look.

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli

The most haunted place of Delhi-Agrasen ki Baoli

Image Source

Creepiest of all the haunted places in Delhi, this Baoli is claimed to be a residence of evils. Once filled with black mystical water who lured people to commit suicide in it by drowning, this 104 level step-well gives you creep the further you descend the steps. You may feel the presence of other beings or some unaccounted noises around you.

Haunted by: Strange noises

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5. Firoz Shah Kotla Fort

The dark and grimy ruins of Firoz Shah Kotla Fort — A haunted place in Delhi

Image Source

There are many tales about the presence of Djinns in this 14th Century Fort. Though, often a dead silent place, there are people meets on Thursday evenings to please the Djinns of this real haunted place in Delhi. Some of those people have recounted episodes of being suddenly pushed & thrashed and the sudden emergence of fragrances. Few have even been followed by an unseen identity to their houses who then brings all sort of hell on to them. This place is so creepy that it can easily be classified as one of the scariest places in India.

Haunted by: Jinns

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6. Khooni Darwaza

The ruins of spooky Khooni Darwaza

Image Source

Blood-curdling screams and anguished cries can be heard around this historical monument, many a time. There are many different versions of the reasons behind this ghostly presence in this most exposed haunted place in Delhi, like brutal murder of three princes and hanging of freedom fighters by Englishmen. Whatever the reason is, the sudden drop in temperature and apparitions through walls of this gate can give you chills to the bones.

Haunted by: Loud screams and cries

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7. Delhi Ridge Area

The hauntings in Delhi Ridge with low mobile reception

Image Source

It is often accounted by numerous eyewitnesses that a ghost of a British gentleman carrying an old-school rifle stroll around in this haunted area in Delhi. You may feel many times that you are being watched. Low reception of mobile network, eerie stillness in the surrounding, no natural sounds of chirping birds or any form of live, sweet fragrances suddenly encompassing you; all of these things are just the beginning. It’s hard to keep a record of the number of unjustified and unexplained disappearances in the area.

Haunted by: Ghost of a British man

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8. The Haunted Tree Of Dwarka Sector 9


Ever driven past the notorious ‘haunted tree’ near the Dwarka Sector 9 metro station in the wee hours of the night? The unfortunate few who have, (including various people who work in MNCs and call centers) had often reported seeing a strange figure literally running with their car or suddenly getting slapped on the face by something (or someone!) they couldn’t see. Spooked yet? Well, these are just some of the spine-chilling tales associated with this tree that start pouring in like crazy the moment you type ‘Dwarka haunted tree’ on the internet.

And if the ghost stories aren’t enough to freak you out of your wits, you might as well know that the tree is responsible for some really nasty bike and car accidents in that curve where it’s located, even in the day! Would you have the guts to go check it out? Creepiness apart, the tree and the adjoining Hindu temple do make for some great places to visit. But make sure you visit in the day!

Haunted by: Chased or slapped by a strange figure

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9. Chor Minar

15 Haunted Places In Delhi To Visit in 2022 To Challenge Your Souls

Image Source

Hauz Khas Village is one of the best party and nightlife places in the capital but least people know it is also one of the top haunted places in Delhi. With an archaeological complex in the area it retains the old charm of Delhi along with the rapidly growing modern day establishments. The Chor Minar in the complex is one such structure that has been speculated about for a long time. The upper walls of the minar has holes which is said to have been created with spears. It is believed that these holes  bore heads of thieves who were punished during the rule of Ala-ud-din Khalji. And that the spirits of these theives haunt the area at night.

Haunted by: Beheaded theives

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10. Mutiny House

Mutiny House

Image Source

The Mutiny House was built by the Britishers during their colonial reign in India. The structure was established in the honour of the British soldiers who has lost their lives in the Revolt of 1857. The building has become one of the most haunted places to visit in Delhi. It is said that there have been many paranormal instances experienced by people here. Som say that they have even seen severed body parts of people.

Haunted by: British soldiers

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Modern Day Haunted Places In Delhi

If you thought that these were the only haunted places, then you are wrong. There are a few more modern-day haunted places here. Read on, to know about them.

11. The Karkardooma Delhi Court


Image Source

Many lawyers at Karkardooma Court Complex have accounted for paranormal activities around them. Of all the haunted places in Delhi, this one is really unsuspecting and unexpected. Shutting and opening of doors, files being plucked off drawers, blinkering lights, the appearance of a hazy figure through walls and dislocation of chairs; all of these things have been caught on vigilance camera installed in The Court.

Haunted by: Hazy figure caught on CCTV

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12. DDA flats In Qutub Enclave Phase II

The tree on which the corpse have been seen hanging upside down in the most haunted neighborhood of Delhi

Image Source

Residents of this locality have often caught sight of an unusually pale and grimy corpse of a woman hanging upside down from a tree just outside one of the allegedly haunted houses in Delhi. Change in temperature, sudden winds and ear-splitting laughter of a woman can cause you to stop in mid-step. It is believed that that the area on which this complex is established was once a graveyard with many ghost sightings then.

As retold by Kunal Mathur, a Marketing Genius, “I was working returning from a party at 2 a.m. with three of my colleagues when I saw two people strangely dressed in Rajasthani attires walking away from us. We had heard many incidences about this road being one of the most haunted places in Delhi. We found it odd that why would anyone take a walk on these secluded roads at this time of the night. As soon as we crossed them, they started following us with inhuman speed. My colleague who was driving just pushed the speed to its limits and then also, those two spooky people were able to follow us. However, once we passed a small roadside temple, they just vanished in thin air. To this date, I haven’t been able to make any sense out of it. I haven’t traversed that haunted road again ever.”

Haunted by: Shrieking laughter of a woman

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13. Malcha Mahal

15 Haunted Places In Delhi To Visit in 2022 To Challenge Your Souls

Image Source

Also known as the Wilayat Mahal, this is one of the eeriest locations in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi that is claimed to be a haunted residence for decades. Originally built by Firuz Shah Tughlaq in 1325, there have been multiple reports of paranormal activity in this area, most accurately in this Mahal pointing towards a tremulous past of this establishment.

Haunted by: Unknown

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14. The Ridge

15 Haunted Places In Delhi To Visit in 2022 To Challenge Your Souls

Image Source

Located near the Vasant Kunj-Mehrauli Road in New Delhi, the Ridge is a popular passing point that is referred to by many travelers and tourists as a landmark point but the disjointed history of this place is talked about in hushed tones. There have been many reported incidents at this place but not a single person has been harmed by any of the claimed ghostly events.

Haunted by: Unknown

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15. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

15 Haunted Places In Delhi To Visit in 2022 To Challenge Your Souls

Image Source

These historic remains of this 14th-century are one of the places that have been popularly discussed in the local areas and surrounding regions for multiple ghost sightings, eerie stories of disappearances, and haunting noises. The locals highly recommend travelers not to step into the property after sundown, which is another reason why it is one of the most haunting places in Delhi.

Haunted by: Unknown

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I hope you have your list prepared for the shenanigans you want to try in Delhi. If you do not want to venture to these top haunted places in Delhi all by yourself, then you can go on a night walk in Delhi organized by various paranormal communities, usually lead by a paranormal expert. One such community is ‘Guide Trip’. And, now you know about things that you thought never existed, isn’t it? Do these haunted places in Delhi and their stories excite you? Go out and feel the abnormal around you but with caution at your side! And if you are not already in the city, you can book a trip with TravelTriangle!

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places In Delhi

Can I visit the haunted places in Delhi?

Yes, you can actually travel to all of the places mentioned above. It is advised that you make your visit during the day, take the required permissions if any, and preferably don’t travel to these places alone.

Can I take photograph or record videos in these haunting places?

Yes, you can take photographs and record videos but please make sure you check for any signs that say otherwise before commencing any digital recording of the place.

Can I visit these haunted places in Delhi at night?

The answer is both yes and no. Some of the above-mentioned places are in public areas, making them open for visitation at any time. A few of the places may be fortified or within the protected boundary for which you may need to take additional permission from the designated authorities.

Is it possible for travelers to stay at these places overnight?

Some of the places mentioned above may be safe for such a task but others have been reported to be unsafe for public visitation, especially for overnight stays. We strongly advise that you must make your visit during the day and talk to the local authorities if you plan to stay overnight.

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