14 Most Crazy Selfies You Should Never Be A Part Of

Everyone is contaminated with the selfie bug. But here’s a collection of some kickass selfies which are not only insanely weird but have cost lives! Read on to know more.

14 Most Dangerous & Crazy Selfies

We all love clicking selfies, especially in moments that we wish to treasure for a lifetime. But there are some among us for whom selfies are a commitment or a challenge. They gain unexplainable thrill and satisfaction when they selfie in moments that are highly risky. Here is a collection of 14 such crazy selfies clicked by people around the world who believe in “Jaan Jaye Selfie Na Jaye”.

1. The Airplane Selfie

Airplane Selfie

Image Source
Amritpal Singh,29 and his passenger were killed due to the selfie bug. It is likely that the pilot got distracted while clicking selfies, lost control and hit the plane in the wheat fields leading to a fatal accident.

2. A Cat Lover?

Cat Lover

Image Source
Being too lazy can be dangerous. We don’t know what happened after this!

3. The Stunt Selfie

Stunt Selfie

Image Source
By chance or perfectly timed?! But he definitely managed to handle the camera.

4. The SOS Selfie

SOS Selfie

Image Source
This was taken after a plane crashed. He was filming the entire crash, so how could he miss out on clicking a selfie?!

5. The Cliff Selfie

Cliff Selfie

Image Source
On a trip to Portugal a couple tried taking a selfie right on the edge of a cliff and fell to their death.

6. The Waterfall Jump Selfie

Waterfall Jump Selfie

Image Source
To get the adrenaline fix, she jumped from the waterfall to take a selfie. This is madness at another level!

7. The Bull Runner Selfie

Bull Runner Selfie

Image Source
He has no choice but to run. But even in this extreme situation, he found some time for a quick selfie.

8. The Controversial Monkey Selfie

Controversial Monkey Selfie

Image Source
The controversial monkey selfies are a series of images taken in 2011 by female Celebes crested macaque using equipment set up by nature photographer David Slater. Slater copyrighted the image but was questioned for the same as he was not the one who clicked it and a monkey cannot hold a copyright. The image is now in public domain.

9. A Not so Carefree Selfie

Carefree Selfie

Image Source
Heading for her hen party, Colette Moreno died in a car crash right after taking this selfie. The car being driven by her friend and it collided with an oncoming vehicle.

10. Over The Top Selfie

Over The Top Selfie

Image Source
These adventure enthusiasts soared high to hang off the rods for the love of clicking extreme selfies.

PS: If you have a fear of heights, don’t watch this video!
14 Most Crazy Selfies You Should Never Be A Part Of

11. Ball Wali Selfie

Ball Wali Selfie

Image Source
Ball lag jaye but selfie achi honi chahiye!

12. Rob. Wait. Click

girls robbed Selfies

Image Source
In Sweden, two teenage girls robbed a local restaurant with a pair of kitchen knives. Their love for selfies helped the investigators find the truth!

13. Sellotape Selfie

Sellotape Selfie

Image Source
In the same week as the #nomakeupselfie went viral & raised £1 million for cancer research, the Sellotape Selfie went trending over the facebook walls & twitter feeds. The images were accompanied by names of friends to take up the challenge of taping themselves up and making ugliest faces possible.

14. NO. Fear of Heights!

NO Fear of Heights

Image Source

Though, it’s fun to capture moments and try crazy things for that perfect selfie. But beware. A selfie can cost a life! Also, comment below if you have come across such risky and crazy selfies or selfie lovers yet?

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