13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians

13 Top Italian Islands that are favourites of the Italians

Bookmark these superb Italian Islands that the Italians visit frequently. And are considered Italians’ favorites.

Apart from searching the web for our upcoming holiday destination, we used to ask around for recommendations. We send a word to friends and relatives who have toured a particular hot tourist destination and would strongly recommend it. They might also give extremely useful tips for traveling to their particular places of suggestion.

It would work better if we ask a friend who is a native of that particular country which is our impending place of visit.

For example, in order to know some useful information about traveling to a few beautiful Italian islands, we should seek the help of our native Italians friends who can offer tips and advice.

Let me assume you have in mind some exotic Italian islands for your next vacation and you have no Italian friends to help you, this article on ‘superb Italians islands’ will be very handy to you.

Top 13 islands of Italy that are favorites of native Italians:

Italians are generally very choosy about vacation destinations. In my opinion, they need not get out of Italy at all as it has everything a holidaymaker wishes for, such as:

  • Beaches
  • Islands and islets
  • Hill stations
  • Canalside cities
  • Scenic train journeys
  • Ocean cruise destinations

The following picturesque islands in Italy are the favorite hot spots for Italians.

Italian islands are located in three seas namely:

  • Mediterranean
  • Tyrrhenian Se
  • Adriatic Sea

The second and third seas mentioned above are the arms of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sicily Island, Italy

I agree there are more islands that would surface in the list of superb islands of Italy but Sicily Island is my all-time favorite.

Sicily Island is an ultimate island escape in the world and it is no wonder the Italians too rate this island-escape as their best. 

Sicily has lovely turquoise beaches with white, powder sand, ideal spots for scuba diving and snorkelling and finally, Italy’s best food haven.

Of all the beaches of Sicily, the Isola Bella Beach commands a dark spot in the tourist radar.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Sicilia Isola Bella Beach View

See the scenic beach thronged by sunbathers and the colourful umbrellas under which the beach lounges are placed.

The town behind this superb location is called Taormina that is perched on a small hill from which the Mediterranean Sea can be seen.

The islet you see close to the Isola Bella Beach can be walked across. You can see the ruins of an ancient open-air theatre, a fort, and an exquisitely carved church.

Asinara Island, Italy

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Asinara Island, Italy

As per the Asinara Island’s location map, it is strategically situated close to the island of Sardinia, the most visited Italian island.

Since Asinara Island is a marine preserve area, visitors to this small but superb Italian island will be allowed only with a local guide from Sardinia.

Why Asinara Island comes up in the list of favourite islands of Italian is its single living person.

Yes, the population of Asinara Island is just ONE.

This means, you will have the whole island to yourself and you can enjoy the rare and ultimate freedom of doing anything you want in a remote Mediterranean island.

On this deserted island of Italy, the rare white donkeys that claim it is their native place.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Wild Albino Donkeys

These are wild “albino” donkeys.

Guided tours of Asinara are available in Sardinia’s Sassari town. You have to cross the Mediterranean Sea on a ferry. The sea passage duration will be approximately 15 minutes. 

Asinara Island’s beaches are lonely, serene and inviting, especially the snorkeling enthusiasts.

Termiti Islands or Isole Termiti, Italy

Termiti Islands is an archipelago of 5 small islands of which even the Termite Islands comprises just 3 sq.km. Imagine such a tiny island of Italy attracting nearly one hundred thousand tourists every year.

They not only see Termiti Island but also visit the other four islands that are:

  • San Nicola
13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Termiti Islands
  • San Domino
  • Capraia
  • Pianosa
  • Cretaccio

The last three islands mentioned above are uninhabited.

Tourists are attracted by the beautiful beaches of the Termiti Isole, especially of the uninhabited islands where the coast is near deserted. The tourists can have the beaches all to themselves.

In addition, these small islands of Italy are great for scuba divers and snorkelers who are captivated by the extraordinary marine life in the Adriatic Sea on which these islands are located.

One can reach the Termiti Island in just an hour by ferry from the Italian port town Termoli. Other Italian coastal towns that have ferry terminals are:

  • Vieste
  • Rodi Garganico

The much popular Italian national park called Gargano National Park lies partially in the Termiti Island. If you are lucky, you can spot a few falcons that made the Termiti Isole their home.

Palmarola Island, Italy

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Palmarola Islands

Of the several Italian Islands, Palmarola Island is one of the most beautiful islands and is uninhabited. The Italians are madly in love with as told by an Italian friend of mine. 

Like any Italian island, Palmarola Island too has a rocky backdrop with towering cliffs from where the Tyrrhenian Sea view is breathtaking.

You can reach Palmorala Island by a ferry from the nearby Ponza Island.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians

Palmorla Island is part of the Pontine archipelago. Its other islands are:

  • Gavi
  • Zannone
  • Santa Stefano
  • Ventotene

Palmorala Island’s grottos (caves) attract casual visitors, swimmers, scuba divers, and snorkeling buffs.

Staunch believers in miracles make it a point to go to Palmorla Island mainly to visit a church called “San Silverio”, the site of amazing miracles.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
San Silverio

Ventotene Island, Italy

Ventotene is a tiny island and part of Pontine archipelago, Western Italy. The Island Ventotene is an excellent island escape mainly for the Italians. It is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
San Silverio

Italians are never tired of seeing the Roman reign’s ruins. They never get tired of it and are proud of their very rich heritage and architecture.

Places of tourist interest on Ventotene Island, Italy:

  • An old Italian prison located on the island of Stefano
  • Ruins of Villa Giulia 
  • Cala Nave Beach
  • Parata Grande Cliff

Ortygia Island, Italy

Have you heard of the city of Syracuse in Sicily, Italy? It is an important and very popular Greek landmark. Thousands of tourists from Greece and Italy visit Syracuse every year.

The small island of Ortygia is just 2 km away from Syracuse and the island can be walked over to on a bridge!

Ortygia Island is a highly revered island due to its historical importance.

Look at this imposing Piazza of Del Duomo, Ortygia:

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Piazza of Del Duomo, Ortygia

It is a major attraction for the tourists to Ortygia Island. Doesn’t it look like a typical Italian Piazza (square)?

Below are some of the touristy Venetian Islands, Italy:

Venice is a world-famous archipelago in Italy. There is no one who has not heard of it and is not dreamt of visiting the City of Channels.

Sant’Erasmo Island, Italy

Venice, the floating city is facing the Adriatic Sea in Italy. It comprises as many as 118 islands and islets and all of them are connected by nearly 400 bridges!

All the canals on which the Venice city floats are also interlinked. You should travel in a Gondola (boat) to see incredible waterways, islands, houses, and hotels built all along the canal banks.

Sant’Erasmo is one of the Venetian Islands that Italians love. This small island on the Venice Lagoon is known as connoisseurs’ haven.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians

The varieties of authentic Italian cuisine and the awesome Italian wines would force any visitor to this Italian island to stay a day or two just to taste myriad dishes and a range of wines.

Visit the vineyards in real-time, let your mouth agape when you see bunches, and bunches of grapes. In addition, you will get a chance to taste the freshly brewed white wine.

Artichoke in Italian cuisine:

The unique ‘Artichoke’, a vegetable is widely cultivated in Sant’Erasmo Island, Italy.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Artichoke in Italian cuisine

The cooking of artichoke is a cumbersome process involving removal of several leaves and even thorns.

When boiled with salt, it is used a topping in the famous Italian pizza.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians

Stuffed artichokes using meat, garlic, oregano is a delicious snack. I read even the Americans like to eat the stuffed artichokes.

Other uses of the artichoke are making herbal tea and a special liquor in Italy.

Here is an image of the artichoke flower.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
artichoke flower

The flower of the artichoke plant is stunningly beautiful.

Burano Island, Italy

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Burano Island, Italy

What a colorful street of residences that belong to the local fishermen. This is the scene of a typical Venetian island. Burano Island should be on your Venetian island-hopping itinerary. You will be awestruck when you come to face with these brightly painted houses on the canal banks.

Another famous thing in Burano Island is the lace products. It is a cottage industry here where just about every house manufactures so many lace products.

Trivia: Do you know that the local Government decides the color of the house?

Next to lace making, Burano Island being a haven for fishermen is known for delicious seafood range. Every small cafeteria serves the freshest of fish and lobster fry and sandwich.

Board on a Vaporetti (waterbus) from Venice and reach Burano Island in less than an hour. 

Just stroll by, meet a few lace makers, eat in a street-corner café and get back to your hotel in Venice on the same day.

Murano Island, Italy

This is again a Venetian Island in Italy known for exquisite glass products. If you are awed by how a glass bead is being made, make a short trip to Murano Island, located close to Burano Island.

This tiny Italian island has been known to make glass products for centuries ago. There is even a museum called Museo del Vetro that highlights the history of glass blowing in Murano Island.

When you are in Murano, you will also see the beautiful basilica of Saints Maria e Donato.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
basilica of Saints Maria e Donato

Ah, beautiful and a typical Roman building-eh?

Look at the interior of this church and the bell tower:

Murano Island in Italy attracts hordes of tourists mainly to buy glass products in huge quantities and pray at the basilica.

Various products of glass are made in Murano such as:

  • Crystal Chandeliers 
13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Crystal Chandeliers
  • Wine goblets
  • Bottle stoppers
  • Colored glass windows
  • Glass that is woven with gold threads-this is a highly skilled art
  • Glass jewellery

Don’t forget to buy a souvenir made of glass in Murano that is just one and a half kilometre away from Venice’s vaporetti terminal.

Lido Island, Italy

The Italian islands continue to amaze us-right? Every small and big archipelago’s chain of islands and islets beckon us. If only we yield to our urges, we will have a lifelong memorable trip of islands of Italy.

While Venice is the most visited tourist place in the world and hence always crowded, its small islands offer a big relief from the noise and bustle of Venice city.

Though not many people visit this small Italian island that is more of a sand bar, its vaporetti terminal is hopefully parked with several water buses.

Lido’s Vaporetti Terminus.

The backdrop of the canal bank is beautiful with some buildings that include the gorgeous Grande Italia Hotel:

Lido Island is located very close to Venice and a short 20-minute ferry ride away.

Its beach is uncrowded and sandy.

Salina Island, Italy

Look at where is Salina Island is located with respect to Sicily:

Of all the Aeolian Islands near Sicily, Salina Island seems to be the second big one, lead by Lipari Island as the largest. Incidentally, Salina Island can be reached in three-quarters of an hour from Lipari Island which you will eventually visit if islands are your favourite vacation destination.

Salina Island is protected as a heritage site by UNESCO because of its volcanoes. You will be surprised to know that there are as many as six volcanoes in this Italian Island.

However, all 6 volcanoes are now dormant. Their last eruption was some 13k years ago; so, no fear, mate if you decide to hike them just to peep at the crater.

This rather big Italian Island is known for producing one of the best grapes called “Malvasia” that yield sparkling white wine.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians

Other agri products cultivated on the mountainous slopes of Salina Island are:

  • Capers
  • Olive
  • Poplar
  • Chestnut

Favignana Island, Italy

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Favignana Island, Italy

This is an Aeolian Island, off the coast of Sicily, Italy. In just about 30 minutes ferry ride from Sicily’s capital Palermo, you can set your feet on this Italian Island.

It is interesting geography if you come to know that Favignana Island is located on an isthmus ( a small land area that divides two large water bodies such as a sea or an ocean). 

Its beaches on both sides are contrastingly beautiful and far less crowded.

If you want to see and stand on an isthmus while you are in Italy, Favignana Island is your only chance; don’t miss a boat ride to Favignana Island.

Filicudi Island, Italy

This Italian island of Filicudi is one more island of Aeolian archipelago near Sicily, Italy. The choosy Italians keep this island secret as they don’t like to spoil its uncrowded and unpolluted beaches. If you find the water conducive enough to do a bit of snorkelling, you can spot sea urchins.

13 Top Italian Islands that are favorites of the Italians
Sea Urchins

These thirteen Italian islands should be on your bucket list of beautiful islands to visit.

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