11 Ways In Which Delhi Metro Kicks Mumbai Local’s Ass

Delhi vs Mumbai has been one of the most debated cities. The commercial capital wins some, the national capital wins the others, but the one contest where Delhi is a clear winner is it’s public transport.

We bring to you how India’s most impressive public transport system – the Delhi Metro kicks Mumbai Local’s ass, like a Boss ! 😉

1. While Mumbai local stations are well, not worth a second glance, each of Delhi Metro station can pass off as a hangout joint.

Metro Station vs Mumbai Local’s Station

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2. Delhi metro stations boasts of pop up stores & Epicuria – The grand food court that has awesome international brands: Starbucks and Benihana !!! Beat that Mumbai !

Epicuria on Nehru Place metro station vs food stall on Mumbai locals’ station

3. Bad weather ki aisi ki taisi because A.C. is necessary B.C. (basic comfort)

AC metro vs Non AC Local

Hell yeah! Be it the harsh summers or the spine chilling winters, once you are inside the metro you are sealed from the wrath of the weather. The Mumbai local on the other hand lacks air conditioning and the fact that Mumbai has a sticky humid weather and its local trains swell with people during most of the times makes commuting quite an unpleasing experience.

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4. Rains make the commute beautiful, not obstruct it!

Delhi metro in rains vs Mumbai locals in rain

Mumbai is famous for the flooding rains and every monsoon the Mumbai local train service falters. Delays and cancellation due to flooding of tracks is routine. The Delhi Metro, being mostly on elevated flyovers or underground routes, has hardly ever been affected by rain.

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5. Because you want to feel you are travelling comfortably in a clean thing not an overloaded van!

Comfortable metros vs loaded locals

The entire Delhi Metro system, right from the coaches, to the stations is way better than those at the Mumbai Local train system. Commute is luxury rather than a necessity.

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6. Say not to stinking fish and rotten vegetables!

No food or drink in Delhi Metros

No food or drinks are allowed in the metros! While eating, sharing, selling, buying and sometimes even preparing of food goes unchecked in the Mumbai Local Trains, and that is not always pleasing to the nose.

7. Disable friendly railway stations – because the Dil of Delhi’s public transport beats for all its citizens

Disable friendly Delhi metro vs uncomfortable Mumbai locals

Although not exactly a utopian entity, the Delhi Metro is the most disable friendly transport system in the country. Almost every station has a slope, lift, there is hardly any gap between the platform and the train and more often than not the differently abled are assisted to board and disembark from the train. The Mumbai local on the other hand lacks most of these facilities.

8. The Airport Express – Naam hi kaafi hai ! Mumbai- you’re not even close..!!!

Airport express line

The superfast, metro service brings you in close proximity of the airport and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to do that. Mumbaikars still have to depend on expensive cabs / autowallahs to reach their airports.

9. Hi-tech Facilities Yo!

Hi tech facilities of Delhi metro vs uncomfortable mumbai locals

Although travelling by the metro in rush hours can be a tough task, facilities like lifts, escalators, food courts, make it a much more pleasing experience than the ‘going to war’ like travel on a Mumbai Local. After all climbing up a flight of stairs to change platforms is too 20th century!

10. Safety first unlike the without-the-door locals! No scope for hanging by the open door while travelling.

Safe metros vs unsafe locals

The Mumbai local train is notoriously known for commuters hanging between life and death, standing on the edge of the doors, sometimes sitting above the coaches. There is no such scope in the Delhi Metro as the only time the doors are open is when it halts at a station.

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11. Delhi Metro Feeder Bus service – Transport-ception

Delhi metro feeder bus service

The Delhi Metro provides mini-bus services that ensures a smooth transport to the mass rapid transport system. In other words it’s the inception of public transport! Does Mumbai Local train network have an answer to that? Well not exactly! 😉

All said and done, the Mumbai Local train network is one of the oldest, widest, busiest, and best managed in the country and is truly the lifeline of the city. Mumbai now boasts of a nascent Metro and a Monorail system as well. In the forthcoming years it will be interesting to see if Delhi is able to retain its supremacy in the battle.

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