10 Villains to Travel With LIKE A BOSS

Have you always been dreaming of travelling to a fantasy island with your celebrity crushes? No wonder about that!

However, have you ever thought of travelling with the iconic villains of all time? Think about it, I personally would always prefer Artemisia over Bridget Jones and The Joker over Jerry Maguire.

So, here’s a list of 10 coolest villains of all time with who you can travel like a BOSS!


1. Gabbar Singh

Gabbar Singh in Sholay

Image Source
Gabbar: Mumbai Local mein Kitne Aadmi The?
Kalia: Che hazaar Paanch sou chowbees hai sarkar (shivering)
Gabbar: Le ab Ek kam ho gaya, baith ja!



2. Voldemort

Voldemort of Harry Potter Series

Image Source
If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then Voldemort is your guy!

He knows the best forests like the back of his hand from all the hiding. And what’s more he even knows where to find a unicorn 😉

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3. Loki

Loki of Avengers

Image Source
He sure knows how to make an entry and he can make you a portal to take you into space. He also has a house there, so no expenses!! 😛

4. Crime Master GOGO

Crime Master GOGO of Andaz apna apna

Image Source
Crime master Gogo naam hai mera. Aaya hoon, kuch to loot kar jaunga …

GOGO always creates a scene, so all eyes are glued on him. And at the end of each trip you are sure to be left with a lot of souvenirs (if you know of his incredible embezzlement skills). 😉

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5. Joker

Joker of Dark Knight

Image Source
You haven’t travelled with any villain unless you have travelled with the Joker. He is witty as hell, and no one makes fun of you when you are around him! So, go wherever you wish, dress however u want! Do whatever, no one’s gonna question you!

6. Darth Vader

Darth Vader of Star Trek

Image Source
You can go to the darkest alleys, the loneliest streets, and the creepiest towns. For all the ghost busters out there, May the FORCE be with you!

7. Bulla : To make unbearable trips entertaining

Bulla of Hindi Movie

Image Source
If you are forced to travel to a place you have no liking for, and think that life can’t be lamer, a travel companion like Bulla will make you feel better and keep you entertained with his cult yet cheap dialogues like – Mera Naam hai Bulla, Rakhta hu khulla!

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8. Don Corleone

Don Corleone of God Father

Image Source
Although not a villain from the movie’s perspective, travelling anywhere can be hassle free with the head of New York’s most powerful Mafia Empire. And what with his negotiation skills you could get away with so many things.

9. Artemisia

Artemisia of 300

Image Source
You need not worry about anything if she’s around you. No money to pay for your hotel bills? Which guy would ask for money after he sees her 😉 And if it’s a lady asking for money, then well, Artemisia was after all a vicious navy commander of Xerxes! 😉


10. Mogambo (Khush Hua!)

Mogambo Khush Hua

Image Source

People always strive to make the great barbarous Mogambo happy or they’ll end up being fed to one of his hungry monstrous pets. So, basically you’re covered with regard to enjoying world class services and practically anything you want.

Looks like its going to be fun travelling with these villains 😉 Which one is your pick?

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