10 Travel Destinations to Check Out in 2020

10 Travel Destinations to Check Out in 2020

It’s exciting to see many places around the world. The coming year will feature many great places for people to possibly visit. This look at the ten best travel sites for 2020 features some appealing places in many forms.

10 Travel Destinations to Check Out in 2020
10 Travel Destinations


Panama is home to many beautiful Latin American islands and old Spanish forts. The engineering marvel of the Panama Canal is a unique place to visit. More travel organizations are preparing eco-friendly trips to Panama. These include trips to green hotels around the country that provide opportunities to get close without impacting the local environment.

Frisian Islands

The Frisian Islands of Denmark are near the North Sea and feature some beautiful beach resorts. The mudflats around the islands feature beautiful landscapes that protect the native horses around the islands.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is in southern Australia outside Adelaide. While people can find many kangaroos around the island, many other native forms of wildlife can be found through the region. New beach houses are opening along the lush shores of Kangaroo Island.


The Wisconsin city of Milwaukee has grown in popularity thanks to its beer culture. But Milwaukee is also an attractive place thanks to its many cultural sites, including a Calatrava art museum.


Cricket has become increasingly popular throughout the world. The Australian city of Sunbury is considered to be a major capital for cricket. Various major cricket events occur in Sunbury every year, thus making the country appealing for people to explore.

Portland, Maine

Many people around the world have become interested in the American city of Portland, Oregon. But the other city with the same name in Maine has become exciting as well. Maine’s largest city has developed a great food scene. The many islands off of Portland, including Cliff Island and Peaks Island off of the Casco Bay, make for exciting places to visit.


Dakar is the capital of Senegal and is one of the most stable and safest places in Africa to visit. The coastal city is home to some of the most attractive beaches in the world. Ngor Island is one of the more popular spots for surfing to visit.


The island of Siargao in the Philippines has become increasingly famous for its beautiful surfing sites. The island also features brilliant coconut palms and lush forests to visit.


Galway is growing as one of the top cities in Ireland to visit. The Galway features many traditional Irish pubs and distilleries. The region is a prominent oystering community, with many oystering festivals taking place throughout the year in Galway.


The German city of Bonn is famous for its many craft beer sites and its art galleries. The city will become increasingly popular to visit in 2020, as the city will celebrate the 250th birthday of local native Beethoven throughout the year.

Travel is expected to be a big deal throughout the world in 2020. These ten places to visit are among the most exciting for people to explore.

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