10 Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

Nothing ruins a night of loves like premature ejaculation. It spoils all the mood of the experience and can really take the wind away from both sails. Premature ejaculation can affect your safety and hit it hard. You feel disappointed by your partner. You feel like you have no control and let’s face it …

… you have an overwhelming sense of inadequacy after the fact.

Why deal with all this performance anxiety? Love should relieve stress. If you spend all your time worrying about delaying your climax, you are forced to find sex less pleasant and you will be reluctant to make love next time.

There is a solution …

When you are with your partner in bed, they both achieve the same goal. Once you know how to last longer, you will be halfway there to give your partner that rolling eyeball, the little finger that curls, screams until the neighbors feel the orgasm of which you can both smile at breakfast.

It is not difficult how you plan to kick premature ejaculation on the pavement. You CAN last longer … if you know the right techniques. This tutorial will show you exactly how to do it. So, without further ado, here are the best ways to last longer in bed.

Prolonged ejaculation techniques

1. Numb creams

Different creams are available in most pharmacies. Brands will vary, but major condom manufacturers have desensitizing product lines. Paralyzing creams, as the name suggests, have a slight paralyzing effect on your member.

There are pros and cons in using this strategy. An obvious pro is that by numbing your organ, you will surely last longer. A big disadvantage, however, is that you will have to use trial and error to determine the amount of numbing cream to achieve the desired effect. Apply too much and you may have difficulty ejaculating at all. Apply too little and you won’t notice much difference in performance.

I recommend this method as a first strategy for anyone with premature ejaculation. The biggest advantage of using a paralyzing cream is that you will learn to focus much more on your lovemaking technique when you are not distracted by a reluctance to ejaculate.

Your shots will be more controlled and you will think much more of the pleasure of your partners. This is because you will not be overwhelmed by your own stimulation.

2. Muscle building exercises

Sex is much more physically demanding for men than women. I’m not trying to get away from any of the wild contortions suffered by women. However, in this example I am referring more to muscle contraction.

During sexual intercourse, men use their core, arms and buttocks to fuel most of the thrusts. If your muscles aren’t conditioned to last, you will become tired and unconsciously lazy with your lovemaking. Lead to faster strokes as you rely on the moment to take some effort off your body. Faster strokes mean a faster finish.

Start weight lifting to exercise these specific areas. Some great weight lifting routines for building resistance in the bed include squats, leg extensions, hip abduction, hip adduction, jumps, bicep curls and bench press. In conclusion: when you’re made for sex, your stamina will grow by leaps and bounds.

3. Slow down your pace

The fundamental strategy to last longer in bed is to stimulate running. Learning hip movement and stroke rhythm can be very similar to learning dance. You have to coordinate with your partner for maximum pleasure. By slowing down your stroke, you will do much more than prolong ejaculation. You will make sex much more pleasant for your partner.

Slowing down your lovemaking offers your partner the opportunity to improve their experience. You will have the opportunity to change the position of the hip and its pelvic angle for maximum stimulation of the clitoris and vagina.

Do not misunderstand me. When it comes to making love there is a moment to accelerate your thrusts. I am simply saying that at the beginning, it is better to go slowly, make sure you are both on the same page and speed up your climax to arrive after his.

4. Train through masturbation

Increase your masturbation sessions to 15 minutes or more. The average male climax during sex between 5 and 15 minutes in the act. Masturbation is a great way to train yourself away from getting taken away.

As you approach orgasm, try to slow down. Until you reach a set goal. Try for 15 minutes. Try for 20 minutes. This doesn’t exactly work here, so take as long as you wish. the more self-control you gain through this test, the happier seashell be during the live show.

5. The compression technique

If you feel that you are approaching the climax and it is too early to make love, squeeze right under the head of your penis, putting pressure on the urethra. The blood will temporarily withdraw from the head of the penis and you will delay ejaculation.

This technique is usually used when you are going to have an orgasm. It is a kind of emergency stop on the automated muscle reflex of your bodies. It can be uncomfortable, so the idea here is to avoid this last-minute measure entirely.

6. Let her take the lead

Get on your back and allow your partner to ride your cowgirl or cowgirl backwards. When a woman is on top, the lower part of the penis (the most sensitive skin) is less stimulated. This will allow you to last longer.

Also, you won’t use your muscles to push. This will give you the opportunity to relax and recover your next position.

A secondary advantage is that she will like the stimulation of her clitoris rubbing against the pelvic bone. Many women have claimed that their favorite position is at the top because they are more likely to peak because of this rubbing sensation.

7. Mental exercises

Stop thinking about your orgasm. If you focus on your ejaculation, it will happen much faster. You will not only want to stimulate your pushes but also your thoughts.

You don’t have to think about loathsome thoughts or anything else when you approach the climax. Rather, try to stimulate your excitement. Instead of getting carried away by the moment, try thinking about your technique.

You won’t have to do it forever. I promise you, in the end when your resistance is built up can he get lost in your love. However, while you’re trying to build endurance, this is a great way to improve the technique of making love at the same time.

8. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can have unpredictable results on sexual performance. Eliminate it from the equation by keeping it out of your bedroom routine.

I’m not telling you that you can never drink a glass of wine before making love. I’m simply saying that you should determine the effect alcohol has on you. You may find that it is a factor in your lovemaking performance.

9. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises help strengthen the muscle that controls ejaculation. You can familiarize yourself with this exercise by stopping the flow of urine and then starting again. The advantage of this technique goes beyond long bed life. After spending a few weeks practicing Kegels, you will find that your orgasms are more powerful than anything else.

You can practice Kegel anywhere. Try them while you’re at your desk or even in the shower every morning. In the beginning they will be difficult but you want increase strength in this region over time.

10. Take the big step

The most sensitive part of your penis is the skin just below the head. The shorter and faster pushes are what leads to a faster orgasm in men.

When you feel that you are approaching too early, slowly and gently push yourself deeply into your partner. Don’t go so deep, it’s not pleasant for her. Make sure you know how far it is.

Once you are deeply penetrated, grind against your lover’s hips. If the position allows, stimulate the clitoris with your hands until you reach orgasm while you dive into her.

Mastering this technique will not only give your partner an intense orgasm. It will also allow you to calm down and calm down to make love longer.

Source by Heather Jennings

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