10 New Local AC Trains Started in Mumbai from 19 August,

10 New Local AC Trains Started in Mumbai from 19 August,

If you are a Mumbaikar and you travel by local train, then this news will definitely bring a smile to your face!

Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways has made 10 AC Local trains in Mumbai operational from 19th August 2022. With this initiative, the total number of AC local trains in Mumbai has increased to 66. The new trains will help commuters travel more comfortably and quickly between their homes and workplaces.

This AC local will be operational on weekdays including Saturdays, these trains will not run-on Sundays and Holidays. Rest, non-AC trains will run on their schedule. In early August, the Western Railway zone had decided to increase the number of AC locals trains number in the Mumbai suburb as the demands were increasing for the same.

Local train

After the decrease in the fare of AC locals in Mumbai, Passengers traveling by AC locals has been increased. In the coming days, the Railway will increase the number of AC local trains said a railway official.

These trains will operate between Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CST, Thane, Badlapur, and Kalyan railway stations, with the first train commencing operations on August 19, 2022.

Out of 10 AC local trains, four locals will be operational on the Thane-CSMT-Thane route (2 Up, 2 Down), and another four will be operational on the Badlapur-CSMT-Badlapur route (2 Up, 2 Down) and two on Kalyan-CSMT-Kalyan route (1 Up, 1 Down). At present, a total of 56 AC trains are operational by the Central Railways. It operates 1,810 local trains on the Mumbai suburban network and more than 40 lakh passengers travel in these locals.

Local train

Timings of New AC Local trains:

  1. T-36: CSMT departing Thane at 08.20 hrs (fast local)
  2. BL-9: Badlapur departing CSMT at 09.09 hrs (fast local)
  3. BL-20: CSMT departing Badlapur at 10.42 hrs (fast local)
  4. K-51: Kalyan departing CSMT at 12.25 hrs (fast local)
  5. K-62: CSMT departing Kalyan at 13.36 hrs (fast local)
  6. T-83: Thane departing CSMT at 15.02 hrs (slow local)
  7. T-96: CSMT departing Thane at 16.12 hrs (slow local)
  8. BL-35: Badlapur departing CSMT at 17.22 hrs (fast local)
  9. BL-54: CSMT departing Badlapur at 18.55 hrs (fast local)
  10. T-129: Thane departing CSMT at 20.30 hrs (fast local)

Ticket price of New AC Local trains:

One way fare for a distance of 34 km (CSMT to Thane): Rs. 95/-
One way fare for a distance of 54 km ( CSMT to Kalyan): Rs. 105/-
(Prices are subject to change, please check before your travel)

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