16 Super Offbeat Places Near Mumbai That You Must Visit

Change is the spice of life and monotony a bane!! Who can understand this better than the avid traveller? Once the travel bug has bitten you, there is no respite. With monsoons round the corner, it’s time to plan offbeat holidays near Mumbai. You just have to hunt out spots

Coronavirus LIVE Updates From India & Around The World

Stay Updated. Stay Aware: Know everything about COVID-19 In Less Than A Minute! Get the latest updates on what’s going around the world amidst Coronavirus Pandemic. Learn what’s best to do to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Practice social distancing. Remdesivir Shows Significant Fight Against Covid-19 Alerts The drug remdesivir developed

23 Forts In Rajasthan Symbolising Past Glory To Visit In 2021

Rajasthan’s forts and palaces stand strong even today and speak of a glorious past. Their architecture and beauty are truly marvelous, and the grandeur is known to have made eyes sparkle, and heart skip a beat. As you wander through narrow passages, and run your fingers on curlicued carvings on the walls, you can